No One Did That

God Is Greater

How do we know or how can we tell that some one trusts God?

Are there telltale signs or specific behaviors that symbolize a life of trust in God?

Does a missionary career demonstrate trust in the LORD?

I would hope so. However, I must be honest with you. Missionaries are just as vulnerable to mistrust.  Missionaries may go to the mission field but that does not mean that their lives consistently model a life of sincere trust.  Depending upon the LORD for financial provision, the welfare of family, and ministry opportunities can challenge the hope and faith of any one; a missionary too.

What about pastors and ministry leaders? Do their lives demonstrate trust in the LORD?

I would hope so. However, a leadership role in the church does not guarantee trust in God. Pastoral or ministry leadership offers an opportunity to model and live a life of real substance before the eyes, before the ears, and before the hearts of an observant church body. Some pastors and ministry leaders will take that courageous step to be real, while others will find such a step difficult.

And what about political leaders of past and present? Do their lives demonstrate trust in the Lord?

I wonder.

Yet, it is a political leader, military commander, spiritual head and king that was commended by God and the people of the land of Judah for his trust in the LORD.

Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him.  He held fast to the Lord and did not stop following him; he kept the commands the Lord had given Moses.  And the Lord was with him; he was successful in whatever he undertook…. 2 Kings 18:5-7 NIV

This compliment of a political, military and spiritual leader is amazing. No one before Hezekiah and not one king or leader after him would demonstrate this kind of gripping and ruthless trust. His confidence in his God inspired Hezekiah to act with resolute courage and conviction. He had a firm belief in the all-sufficiency and power of his God.

The kind of trust that Hezekiah had was batach. Hezekiah placed his trust in God and not in his military resources, nor in the walls that surrounded his cities, nor even in himself as King and ruler. Hezekiah believed that his God was trustworthy, faithful, dependable and true. Hezekiah relied upon his God for his every need. Hezekiah did something other kings before him had not done. He did not seek out foreign aid or assistance. Instead, he sought his God for his country’s aid. Do any military or political leaders do this today?

He chose to trust God and leave all of the concerns and consequences of his present day needs and challenges in the care of his Lord. That is not easy to do, is it? I think many of us, myself included, try to manipulate events or control circumstances to create a good result or outcome. Hezekiah did not do that. He took his personal, family, and country’s needs before his LORD and sought out the power, resources, and blessing of his God before he would consider going anywhere or to anyone else for help.

It’s not that going to others for help is not a good thing to do. We do need assistance and care from others. However for the rulers of Israel and Judah, God had commanded them to come to Him first for their needs. Hezekiah obeyed this command. As a result, his trust and obedience was noted in Scripture for all time.

The other thing we see in Hezekiah is the character trait of perseverance. No matter what kind of military threat or challenging issue that arose, Hezekiah clung to his God and remained in his place of duty as king and leader. His trust was consistent even when he faced ominous and threatening enemies throughout his reign. Hezekiah was conscious of the presence and power of his God. He ruled his kingdom with his God in mind.

Hezekiah was not a perfect man. He focused more on the present than on the future and thus did not plan well for his kingdom after he died. However, the life of Hezekiah was noted for his trust from beginning to end. That is a rare feat among all mankind.

So, let’s go back to my opening question: How can we tell that some one trusts God?

If we look to the trust model of King Hezekiah, we find a man of courage, conviction, consistency and perseverance. He chose to align himself with God Almighty for his life and for his kingdom. Hezekiah trusted his God at all times; even when it may have been difficult to do so. He did not waiver. That’s amazing, I think.

What decisions or issues are present in our lives at the moment? Will we take these things before the LORD and trust Him for the timing, the resources, the circumstances and even the outcome for what we need? Will we trust the LORD to control the events, issues, relationships, and cares of our lives as King Hezekiah did?

For when we do trust, there is a promise. The LORD will be with us.  He shall help us succeed and overcome any challenge that occurs in our lives. And knowing God is with us, is a comforting and empowering thing, don’t you think?  For Hezekiah, trusting God meant all the difference in the world.  He understood that his God was greater than any circumstance. How about for us?

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