What’s In a Title?


Youngest Son

Little Brother

Shepherd Boy

Giant Slayer

King’s Musician

Loyal Friend

King’s Enemy

Persecuted Fugitive

Mighty Warrior



King of Israel

These titles paint a broad stroke across the lifetime of the man known as David. Yet, I find it interesting to note that the title that David used for himself in Psalm 21 was this:

For the king trusts in the Lord;
through the unfailing love of the Most High
he will not be shaken.
Psalm 21:7 NIV

In Psalm 21, David described the incredible gifts he had been given by his God when he had finally been awarded the throne, as the second king of Israel. David praised his God for the victories and blessings he had received after years of war and persecution. David offered his title and leadership as king to his Lord in trust and dependence. The throne of David would not be shaken because of the lovingkindness and faithfulness of God Most High. David trusted his God for the kingdom he would guide and rule.

Permanence and stability are assured when the LORD Himself is the center of our hope and trust. The LORD was the center of David’s life and his kingdom.

David is well known for his love, trust and leadership as the Lord’s beloved. Yet, he is not well-regarded in term of his marital fidelity and role as a father. I am not going to beat up on King David. However, I cannot help but wonder how Psalm 21 might have been written and how his life might have been lived had David chosen the title of husband and father in this prayer.

For the husband and father trusts in the Lord;
through the unfailing love of the Most High
he will not be shaken.
Psalm 21:7 NIV

However, do we do the same thing with our titles?

When given the opportunity to introduce ourselves, how do we do it? Here are some of my titles:


Big Sister


Sister in Christ




Early Childhood Development Coordinator and Trainer


If you met me for the first time, I could introduce myself in a number of different ways:

“Hello, I am Doug and Sue Ann Johnson’s daughter.”

“Good afternoon, I am Kristina, Gordon and David’s older sister.”

“Hi, I’m the friend of ______________.”  (Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one friend!)

“Good morning, I am John’s wife.”

“Hello, I am Micah, Jake and Caleb’s mom.”

“Hi, I taught for the Beaverton School District for 20 years.”

“Good day, I am the Early Childhood Development Coordinator and Trainer for OC Africa.”

“Greetings, I am a missionary with OC International.”

I think based upon the context of my introductions, I could use any of these titles at a particular time. However, in my prayers to my God, how do I title myself? For with each title, there is a significant relationship. For David as king, there was a kingdom worth of relationships and prayer needs to entrust to his God. He chose to pray from the position of his kingship to declare his trust in his God. He sought out his God for the wisdom, strength, and power he would need to lead the kingdom of Israel.

It is my prayer that I do the same thing as wife of John, as mother of Micah, Jake and Caleb, as a missionary and with any other hat I wear as a follower of Christ. The titles may change or fall away altogether. However, our foundation is secure and stable in Christ regardless of the hats we wear. When we trust in God Most High and His unfailing love, though the titles, the people and the circumstances of our lives may be affected in either small or significant ways, we cannot be shaken from the favor and protection of our God.

Surely, as you read the life of David, you see how his later life was turned upside-down and all around because of some of the decisions he made and because of the relationships he had with his family. I am sure that during this difficult period in his life, he sought out his God, not as a king, but as a repentant soul, as a father and as a child of God in great need. David’s God remained true and steadfast. David was shaken up by his circumstances, but he was not shaken or removed from the merciful hand of his God.

For ultimately, our title and position do not matter over the course of the ages. Most titles fade and disappear in time. What is most important is that we trust in our God and are ministered to and blessed by His unfailing love in every season of our lives. His wisdom, strength and love will be what we need to maneuver through life one day at a time through His grace and mercy – no matter what our title is at the time.

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