A Dad Who Doesn’t Worry


Often when I write about the Happy Blue School and our day to day experiences with homeschooling, you may get the impression that we lead a bliss-filled life. It’s true; the majority of our days are enriching and fun.

However, there is a reason that we started homeschooling in the first place. Three years ago, we could not find a school in our area that could address Jake and Caleb’s learning needs. If I were to label my two sons according to educational terms, they would be described as “high-functioning ASD students.” ASD is the acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The homeschooling structure we have in place for all three of my sons has worked and the boys are thriving. I have no regrets for becoming a homeschooling mom.

Yet, like I began, the Happy Blue School is not always happy. It’s not. In fact, there are moments in the day that cause distress particularly for Jake when it is time to learn something brand new. Worry and fear grip my son and he becomes stuck in a state of anxiety and uncertainty over the actual or potential problems that a new concept may cause him. Jake becomes stressed out. (Hmmm. Kind of like his mother with graduate work).

Anxiety is a common reality for children and adults on the autism spectrum. Routines and procedures are comfortable friends. Keeping things as they are with no unwarranted surprises is Jake’s preferred way of life. Transitions to new people, places and even math concepts cause trepidation. Thankfully, with perseverance and a mother who won’t let Jake get away with not learning something because of his fear, we make it through. Not without some tears, though. Not without some struggle.

The blessing of our homeschool environment is that Jake is able to work through these issues in a safe, loving (most of the time) environment. He is taking more risks. He is trying more new things. When he needs to release anxiety, it comes out. Then we move on.

When I think about what the future holds for Jake, I could let my mind fill with worry just like Jake does from time to time. I really do not know what the future holds for him or for his brothers for that matter. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have three neuro-typical children who do not present any significant learning issues or emotional needs. Yet, I know that everyone has something that they are working through with their kids. In our case, we are dealing with autism-related issues.

Today, I wondered. Since God is my Father and also the Father of Micah, Jake and Caleb, I wonder if worry ever, ever, ever enters my Father in Heaven’s heart about my sons, about John or me, or any of us. Well, you know the answer.

Of course not.

Fear and worry are fruits of a fallen world. Our Holy God is separated from the worries, fears, anxiety and uncertainties that plague mankind.

My Heavenly Father does not worry about my children, my marriage, or me. We have a Parent who does not worry about his kids.

To emphasize this point, check out the verses my God gave me in my trust study today:

Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore. Psalm 125:1-2 NIV

And why else doesn’t our God become worried or anxious?

Friends, He has us completely surrounded. We are encircled by His grace, His love, His protection, His guidance and His supreme, everlasting knowledge.

He is aware of what is happening today in our lives. He knows what is going to happen tomorrow. He sees who we are today and He foresees who we will become.

I may not know what the future holds for my children. However, their Heavenly Father knows and He is not worried. As I trust in my LORD for the lives of my children; for Jake and Caleb and their ASD related needs, for Micah and his transition to high school, I cannot be shaken. I am abiding in the care of my God. I trust in His care for my children. No promises are given that they will not have future challenges to overcome. They will.

The promise is that they will not be shaken as they place their trust, faith and hope in their God for their needs and life circumstances.

There are so many uncertainties in this world. I have friends with cancer. I have friends and family who are sending their children to college for the first time. I have friends who just sent their children to first grade too. I have friends who are experiencing work challenges. I have friends who are concerned about the welfare and health of their children for one reason or another. The list goes on and I haven’t even addressed world concerns. If we choose to look solely upon the uncertainty we face, we set ourselves up for unnecessary struggles; just like Jake does when he is learning something new like equivalent fractions and becomes afraid that he can’t do it.

We need to remember something in the face of the many uncertainties of this world. Our God is not worried. Our God is not afraid. Our God is not anxious. Our God is not uncertain. We have a Dad who doesn’t worry.

Our God is immovable and sure. From every direction, from every side, and from every corner, our God and Heavenly Father surrounds; both now and forevermore.

Trust in that and no matter our circumstance, we will not be shaken. Amen and amen!

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