Making the Pathways Smooth…One Year of Cancer Freedom!


Smooth Path

Did you know you are walking an even path? The course you are on is steady and the way is plain and easy. In fact, as you stand, your footing is sure. Did you know that?

I didn’t, if I was completely honest.

For me, many of the paths I walk upon have felt bumpy, uneven, rough, and precarious at best at times.

However, when I read Isaiah 26 this morning, I wondered why my perception has been so off….as a follower of Christ and a daughter of the Most High God, I have not acknowledged this vision:

The path of the righteous is level;
you, the Upright One, make the way of the righteous smooth.
Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws,
we wait for you;
your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts.
  Isaiah 26: 7-8 NIV

These words of Isaiah really made me stop and think. Perhaps because I have been walking with my God for the majority of my life, I am not aware of what the pathways of life are like…without Him.

Perhaps I did not realize and did not fully understand how carefully and precisely my God weighed, measured and leveled the diverse paths that I have walked in my life, so that I could walk…

…with confidence and with resolute trust.

…in joy and peace.

…with sufficient grace.

…by faith.

Friends, one year ago, today I completed my last radiation treatment for breast cancer. As I look back on this year of being a cancer survivor and even before I was diagnosed in September 2012, I continue to be amazed at how blind I am to the workings of my God.

I wrote about my state of blindness in May 2012, and even as I reread that blogpost, I realize the content is something I could write all over again today.

As I walk forward on the paths of life before me, I need a guide. I need a guide to point out the wonder and beauty of the landscape. I need a guide to caution me when I misstep. I need a guide to affirm the direction I am going. I need a guide to steady my pace so that I am not walking too fast to miss what I am supposed to see, hear and learn. And in the same way, I need a guide to encourage me to pick up the pace when I fall prey to anxiety or worry and am afraid to make the wrong move. Yes, I need a guide to level the way before me and walk with me.

I think that because I am not always aware that my pathways are smooth and level, I am rather focusing upon the bumps and rough spots in life that distract, disturb, divert, or even have the potential to mislead me.

What must I do?

I need to remember I have a Guide who is always with me on whatever pathway in life I am walking upon. Last year, a new path beckoned that took me into the uncertain and definitely scary walk with cancer. And if I had solely focused upon the cancer as my companion, I can only imagine what kind of shape I would be in today. As I look back upon that season and even upon the past year of cancer-freedom, my God truly weighed, measured and leveled the pathway before me.

When I’ve become overwhelmed, distracted or filled with anxiety over a bump or a rough patch in the road, it’s because I’ve forgotten about the Presence of my Guide. The way is actually being made smooth. I have denied the transforming Power of my God to make all things right and good in His time. I’ve forgotten to wait for His support, His care, His grace and His purpose to be made known. My bad.

My God makes the way smooth.

He made the way smooth for me last year with cancer. He did it for me this year with so many different things; furlough, family life, homeschooling, graduate school, ministry, etc.

I want to focus on my God as the Leveler of my Life.

I want to wait for Him. I want to be mindful of my God and acknowledge the bumps and rough spots as just temporary fixtures along the roadway. And as I journey with Him along whatever pathway He presents, I want to make His name known; for what He is doing and what He has done!

I thank my God for one year of cancer freedom. There are residual effects from this journey that I am dealing with, but what is important to note is that I am dealing with them. I am okay. I praise my God for that! He is my Guide today, tomorrow and for always.

He is the Leveler of my Life. What a comfort and strength-giving truth that is!



Photo by rishao262 of Flickr

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