It’s A Wrap! The Happy Blue School Closes its Books for 2013!


It was a happy day.

It was a poignant day.

It was a day of thanksgiving too.

As  our family and friends in the States celebrated Thanksgiving, the Happy Blue School closed its books for another successful and productive school year. After beginning the school year in Oregon, traveling to Colorado, then to Idaho, back to Oregon and then returning to South Africa for the remainder of the year, Micah, Jake, Caleb, and I have had an amazing time together!

There was still a bit of work to finish up…like math or maths, as they say here in South Africa.


Then it was time to look back on all we have accomplished. We pull out all of our books, projects and past assignments to reflect on what we have done through the year. Caleb and Jake typically puff up with pride. This year was no different.


However, for Micah Man, he was far more quiet and introspective. He won’t be attending our Happy Blue School next year. He was feeling that loss. The boy is heading to high school in January and will begin an altogether new set of school experiences as he tackles geography, history, maths, English, French, business studies, accounting, and science. The boy is going to have his head and hands full! Micah is ready though. And we’re so proud of him!


In fact, we are very proud of all our boys. We had a visit from a representative of Department of Home Education of Gauteng last week. She marveled at all the work our boys have done this year. John and I agree. The fact that we began the Happy Blue School in the States on furlough and were able to continue onwards from there without missing a beat was incredibly commendable of our boys and their commitment to their school work.


Well Done, Micah, Jake and Caleb! We are proud of what you have accomplished, but even more proud of your character and for who you are and who you are becoming!

Have a fantastic holiday!!! You Deserve It!

Meanwhile, I have the 2014 school year to look forward to with these two little (well, actually big and getting bigger all the time) monkeys…


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