For Christmas This Year

Witherow Family

Tears of gratitude started flowing while I was doing the dishes this morning. I was listening to Toby Mac’s “Christmas This Year” at a high volume.

The refrain goes like this…

For Christmas this year
Gonna make a sound
Gonna make it loud
For Christmas this year
We’re gonna make some noise
Let the world rejoice
For Christmas this year
For Christmas
For Christmas this year

Why were tears streaming from my eyes?

Gratitude. Plain and simple gratitude.

For Christmas this year, we may be far away from family and friends in the States who we miss greatly this time of year, and yet I was struck by how completely surrounded and immersed I am by the loving presence and intimate care of my God and His blessings.

I have so much to be grateful for this Christmas.

For Christmas this year, I want to make some noise and let the world rejoice because of the precious family and friends I have.

For my husband John, whom I adore.

For my children, Micah, Jake and Caleb who are growing up to be incredibly special, young men.

For my parents, Doug and Sue Ann, who have supported us 1000% with their love, encouragement and prayers.

For John’s mom, Mary Ann, who continues to bless us with her unconditional love and her prayers of protection.

For my sister, Kristina, and brothers, Gordon and David, whom I am so proud of and so blessed to be their big sister.

For my sisters-in-law, Kelly, Susie, Jeannie and Molly, who amaze me by their tremendous work ethic, care of others and generosity.

For my brothers-in-law, Gary, David and Trevor, who are incredible husbands and fathers who have led their families with integrity and love.

For my nieces and nephews, Kary, Megan, Tyler, Sam, Joe, Ben, Kara, Logan, Thomas and Leah…you are growing up to be very special people who have so much to contribute.

For my extended families of uncles, aunts, cousins from my mom and dad’s side of the family…thank you for who you are!

For all of my friendships near and far, from childhood to present day, thank you for your loyalty, your kindness, and your love.

For all of our six incredible supporting churches and our amazing ministry supporters who give to our ministry so faithfully.

For Christmas this year, I want the world to know how grateful I am for the life I have been extended, for the husband I have been blessed with, for the children I have been given the privilege to parent, for the family and friends I adore and miss so very much, for my Savior who came to be with us and to give us life for evermore together.

For Christmas this year, I have been given the gift of gratitude. And my prayer is that it overflows into the next day, and the next and the next, and into the New Year and every day thereafter.

I am grateful for the love of my God and the love of many…how rich I am and how blessed.

Have a glorious Christmas and I pray you feel and experience the tremendous love and care of Jesus Christ, your Savior, born for you and for me. This is my prayer for your Christmas this year. May God bless you with joy, peace, strength and love.

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