The 2014 School Year Has Begun : A Good Report!


Micah, Jake and Caleb embarked upon their 2014 school year in the middle of a Jo’burg heat wave. This week has been one of the warmest on record soaring into the high 30’s C (that’s  mid-nineties to low hundred F). The temperatures didn’t wilt their excitement though. Jake and Caleb were eager to return to our Happy Blue School (Can you believe we’re at the start of year #4? And by they way, Caleb and Jake have no interest  in changing the name of their school). And our Micah Man (who is really growing into his name) was ready for the start of high school.


Micah was accepted to Andrews Academy back in June. Andrews Academy is a Cambridge International School. One reason we selected this school is that the Cambridge Educational System is recognized by university admission departments world wide. If Micah chooses to go to university one day, he has a lot of different avenues to pursue if he sticks with his Cambridge studies. In addition, the Cambridge System allows us flexibility when we return to the States on furlough. Micah can continue his studies and submit his work on-line.

Micah stands outside the entrance to Andrews Academy on his first day of school.

It’s been a half-year wait to finally begin his high school classes. Micah enrolled in math, science, history, geography, business studies, accounting, computer studies, and French. His classes are going to keep him on his toes this year. One aspect of this small school is that Micah has small class sizes as well; just 12-15 students. Micah, so far, likes his classes and his teachers and is enjoying his high school experience.

I snuck in with Micah and snapped this quick photo of Micah inside of his classroom. Thankfully, no one was around yet!

His favorite thing about school so far this week was his history class. Micah enjoys history as it is his favorite subject. He appreciates that it is a subject all on its own during his schedule and not embedded in something. In addition, he’ll be starting the year learning about the French Revolution. It’s a time period that he is not very familiar with yet. He can’t wait to learn more about it!

For Jake and Caleb, they began school with spirits of delight. It’s apparent that their fifth grade work has increased in difficulty. However, both boys have been excited by the challenge. Although we miss Micah a lot, I am grateful for the time and attention that I can pour into his brothers this year. Some of the things that Caleb and Jake will be learning and participating in this year are zoology, the US Presidents, geography, math, language arts, writing skills, vocabulary development, spelling, and keyboarding. Another thing Jake and Caleb will be developing this year is an individual morning devotion habit.



Caleb’s favorite thing about the Happy Blue School this week was beginning our World Changers reading unit. He is going to be reading about Abraham Lincoln. I developed this unit in order for Jake and Caleb to learn about people of great character, great conviction and great faith who have made a redemptive difference and stimulated positive change in their lifetime. I think we’re going to have fun with it!


Jake’s favorite subject so far is math. He’s good with mental math and has liked working with place value. Jake jumped right into his math work with delight!


It is great to write this good report about my sons’ first week of school. Micah, Jake and Caleb are off to a wonderful start and we pray that they will continue to go from strength to strength throughout the school year.

What does Micah love about his school uniform? No tie!

To all of you, who have been praying for Micah in this transition, thank you! Your prayers truly bless, protect and encourage us forward! It’s only the beginning! However, the beginning has been a good one! We’re grateful!

2 thoughts on “The 2014 School Year Has Begun : A Good Report!

  1. A Witherow guy loving history…sounds familiar! Glad you all had such a great week. :o) Janell

    1. Big surprise, right? 🙂 Micah is over the moon with what he is going to learn in history this year. love you, Friend!

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