It May Be Valentine’s Day, But For Us…It’s Happy Reunion Day!


In the Witherow house, Valentine’s Day isn’t such a big deal; except that today it means more this year. Today, Valentine’s Day will be a happy reunion day!

John is coming home after being away on a nine-day ministry trip!

As I type, John is driving south to Jo’burg. I haven’t talked much to my best friend over the course of this trip. Ministry schedules, travel nuances, and poor cell signal all contributed to infrequent communication. So, the boys and I are really looking forward to hearing John’s stories and catching up in person. Tonight!

In honor of his arrival, Jake, Caleb and I baked some heart-shaped cookies to celebrate John’s homecoming. I took a few photos of the boys as they helped me this morning. I’m struck by how much they fill the picture frame and how fast these boys are growing.  It wasn’t so long ago, that we made the same heart-shaped cookies during our first Happy Blue School year. Take a look…

February 2011
As happy as ever in 2011

Today, Caleb and Jake are just as enthusiastic as ever at the prospect of baking, decorating, and consuming these holiday treats. However, their joy is multiplied at the advent of their dad’s arrival.


We’ve had full, full, full days without John. Taking Micah back and forth to school,  Happy Blue School life and times, swimming lessons for Jake and Caleb, swimming club for Micah, debriefing Micah’s day at school and homework, homework and more homework, and all of the other day to day stuff that occurs in life have contributed to many early bedtimes for me!

We even had police activity outside our home early one morning when two suspected cable thieves were apprehended in front of our house. It was quite the sight to observe four police vehicles, two security vehicles, police officials and the suspects themselves just yards away. It was an altogether different kind of wake up call at 4 am that day.

It’s all good, though. We made it through in one piece and are content.

John’s on his way home. The cookies are waiting…


The Witherows will be reunited soon! That’s the best part of this holiday for my family and me.

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