This Kid Just Had a Birthday


Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be alright, and the determined choice to praise God in every situation.  Kay Warren

What a fantastic definition of a word that truly exemplifies the life of our third born son, Caleb!

If you’ve followed our family’s journey through the years, then you are well aware that Caleb is our Joy Boy!


This kid wakes up with a cheerful attitude nearly 365 days a year. No exaggeration!

This kid loves Jesus. His heart and soul truly shine with the love of Christ.

This kid sees the best in people and brings out the best in them too (especially his brothers).


This kid loves to laugh and his laughter is contagious!

This kid is content and appreciative of what he has in life.

This kid just had a birthday!

Today, Caleb bounded into the kitchen with a little extra spring in his step to announce that his eleventh birthday was finally here!

We began Caleb’s birthday festivities a little early this month because his dad was going to be gone on Caleb’s special day this year. That was a bummer. However, Caleb took it all in stride as he shared what he would like to do this year to celebrate.

The first thing he asked for was pizza! Other than bacon and banana pizza, I don’t think there is a pizza topping combination that he doesn’t like! He loves pizza! Caleb will tell you that when he isn’t feeling well, pizza always makes him feel better! So, on Saturday we enjoyed an early birthday dinner at Papachino’s.

Caleb ordered his own pizza of bacon and mushroom.


After dinner, we returned home where Caleb opened his presents.


John departed for Zimbabwe the next day.

This morning, Caleb, as I shared, literally bounced into the kitchen. He asked for waffles for his birthday breakfast.

One thing Caleb also wanted to do today was go to the mall and find a new Andy Stanley DVD. So after Micah finished his exam, Jake, Caleb, Micah and I trekked to the mall to find his gift! Caleb chose “Game Plan.”

It’s a Witherow family tradition for the birthday boy to plan his birthday dinner. This year, Caleb asked for homemade tortillas for a burrito dinner. So, I donned my apron and set to work! I made the dough and then I rolled out 32 tortillas. The process takes a while, but when Caleb came in to survey the progress, he said, “I love your burritos, Mom!”

Caleb is a boy of simple and sweet tastes.


He likes his cake white, and his ice cream, vanilla. Micah lit the candles on behalf of his dad who usually does the honor.


The festivities ended with Caleb asking to watch “Home Alone.” The boys laid pillows on the floor and covered themselves up in blankets and watched the silly and ingenious escapades of Kevin McCallister.

So, another birthday has come and gone for our Caleb. It’s hard to believe we’ve just celebrated year number eleven! Every single year has been a delight.

Just like Caleb, our joy boy! We love you, Buddy! Happy Birthday!

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