It’s Time for Some Pumpkin Pie!



The pumpkin pie is baking in the oven.

In about two hour’s time, I’ll be preparing chicken and cheese enchiladas for dinner.

It’s time to celebrate!

It’s time to honor!

It’s time to raise a cheer!

It’s time to recognize the effort, dedication and perseverance of our son, Micah!

He just completed his 17th exam over a two and a half week period.

Most everyone who has taken note of Micah’s exam schedule has been amazed that he had such a rigorous and what seemed like an over-the-top- test-taking experience. Certainly, for our family it was a first-time endeavor. None of our kids have been asked to show up for seventeen different tests to demonstrate their comprehension and mastery of nine different subjects in high school. Micah is the first of our boys, at the age of 14 ½ years to perform this feat.

And he did it!

We don’t know the results of his efforts. We will in time. Honestly, we’re not that concerned about the marks. What we’ve been more in tune with our Micah Man is how he handled the amount of work and the pressure of performance. This was his deal. Not mine. Not his dad’s. Not his brother’s, either. Micah was the one who had to prepare himself each day. Then walk to the starting block, climb up, lean back and then spring into the water and race hour after hour, day after day, 17 different times.

This experience turned out to be just another test of character for our son.

He’s had many in his life of 14 ½ years. He’s risen to the occasion with his previous challenges, it’s no wonder he did it again with 17 exams.

For this particular challenge, Micah developed a game plan and stayed true to his strategy of attack with every single exam. Only on one occasion, did anxiety begin to rise within him. However, with an opportunity to share his feelings, a bit of coaching and lots of prayer, Micah was back on track. Having a group of people praying and cheering Micah on was also a huge support to him in this process too. We’re grateful for that encouragement!

So, in honor of our son’s efforts, a celebratory dinner is in order. Chicken enchiladas is what Micah has requested along with pumpkin pie for dessert. It sounds good to me.

Way to go, Micah Man! You did it!


Yep! It’s time for some pumpkin pie!

4 thoughts on “It’s Time for Some Pumpkin Pie!

  1. so proud of your boy!! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Steph! We are too! Micah rocked it!

  2. Good job Micah! We are proud of you. Love, Uncle Dan and Aunt Janell 🙂

    1. Thanks, Janell! Micah is both happy and relieved to be done. He has two days off now until Monday. He’s enjoying the World Cup action. Love you guys! love, heather

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