Still Unpacking…But We’re Getting There!


There are still boxes to be unpacked.

There are still drapes and blinds to be hung.

There are still area rugs to be laid.

There are still shelves to be put in place.

And there are still miscellaneous things to be completed for us to finally feel completely settled.

But, we’re getting there.

It’s been seven days since we moved all of our belongings from one house to another. If you asked us to tell you how the whole process went from start to finish, we’d confess it was one of the most difficult moves we’ve ever done; even harder than moving across the ocean, believe it or not.

However, seeing Jake and Caleb literally prance about this new place with careless abandon makes it all worth it.

Jake has a tree to climb in the front garden.

Caleb has his own room and loves to have a place to call his own.

In addition, the Happy Blue School now has its own designated space. All of our school books, my reference books, school supplies, and other related school materials are now housed in one place. After our first full week in this new classroom, Jake, Caleb and I are really happy in there!


And for Micah Man, he can walk back and forth from his school and enjoys the quiet time along the way. He, too, has his own room and though it’s a bit chilly this time of year, he’s looking forward to the fact his room is the coolest in the house and he’ll enjoy that come spring, summer, and autumn.

So, thanks for all of the prayers for our family as we made this transition. We’re still settling in, but we’re making progress one day at a time. We are looking forward to making this new house, our home.

Here are some snapshots of our new place! You’re welcome any time!


This is our lounge (living room).

Here is the dining room that opens up from the lounge…


The lounge leads into the kitchen.


We painted it flaming red!

Across from the kitchen, is our current undesignated space. We’ve set up our desktop computer there for the boys. And I’ve created a sunflower wall, but other than the boxes that still need to be unpacked, we haven’t decided what else to put here yet! Any ideas?

IMG_6706From this nook space, as we like to call it, we enter the hallway that leads to our four bedrooms.


Jake’s room is the first room on the left.

Then, comes Caleb’s room, on the left of the hallway as well…


Across the hall, is Micah’s room. He’s currently calling it “the icebox” as it is the coldest room in the house and gets no direct sunlight. As I indicated, he thinks the cool nature of the room will serve him well come summertime!


At the end of the hallway is John’s and my bedroom…Some of you may recognize the quilt that my sister made along with the help of our prayer supporters. The quilt is signed by many, many, many people who helped get us to South Africa!

IMG_6694Now, if you really do want to come and visit sometime, we have a guest room for you!


We’d love to have you!!!

Thank you again for praying for us as we made this significant move. It was a big deal and we know your prayers and support helped sustain us from start to finish!



6 thoughts on “Still Unpacking…But We’re Getting There!

  1. Thanks for the pictures, Heather. I always like to see where people live so I can visualize them there.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I know my mom feels the same way! Hope you and Al are doing great! love you! heather

  2. I love the what you’ve done with the place, especially the paint colors and the school room. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Janell! You may remember the interior was primarily yellow throughout the main living areas. It made the space brighter. However, for us, we wanted to do something different to make it our own. It’s been fun to see the transformation work out and has helped in our transition here. We love the school room too. As you know, using your living space for homeschooling requires lots of flexibility. Having a designated space is a real blessing! Thanks again for affirming our paint choices! love you, heather

  3. Dolores Simmons August 2, 2014 — 8:04 pm

    I love your new home! The kitchen is beautiful, as are the colors you’ve chosen! I imagine you are feeling so fortunate finally to have not just adequate but extra room for your family. I’m glad that you had all that help with moving, and hope now that you are almost finished, John will be able to rest his knee. We’ll be praying that the MRI will show something that can be treated and lessen his pain.
    With much love and God’s Blessings to you all,
    Aunt Lolee

    1. Thank you Aunt Lolee! We are getting more and more settled each day. The school room is such a blessing for our family; not many homeschooling families have such space. We are grateful for it. John is doing a little better, but we hope the MRI will provide answers. I love you and miss you! love, heather

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