What Do I Dream About?

the boys

“What are your dreams?” was the question posed to our team this past week in our objectives meeting.

The question’s intent centered primarily upon our team’s ministry work in southern Africa.

In all honesty, I do not attend these meetings much anymore. Since beginning homeschooling in 2011, the meeting times conflict with our school time. However, because of our team leader’s desire to include us all in the process, the meeting location was moved to our new home for one of the days. I was able to move in and out of the meeting and facilitate Jake and Caleb’s school day as well.

So, when the dream question was posed, in all honesty, I just sat there. The majority of my time focuses upon the education of my children. I participate in ministry when I can now. However, with the increase in hospitality in our home, the increase of John’s ministry schedule, the increase in the academic rigor of Jake and Caleb’s school work, and the increase in Micah’s academic and extracurricular activities, I confess, I’m not dreaming all that much; at least in terms of specific ministry goals.

What do I dream about?

My kids.

Micah is fourteen years old. In less than six months time, he’ll be fifteen.


Jake turns thirteen years old next month.


And Caleb, our youngest son, is eleven years old.


In all honesty, I can hardly fathom how fast these years we are living are going!

What do I dream about?

My dreams center upon these young boys growing up to be men who follow their God with all of their heart, with all of their soul, with all of their minds, and with all of their strength. No matter what they choose to do in life, it is my prayer that they are walking with their God.

What do I dream about?

My dreams center upon these young boys embracing life with the wondrous joy found in God alone. The world is filled with sadness and broken-hearted people. I desire that our boys share the encouragement and joy found in Christ with whomever they encounter in life.

What do I dream about?

My dreams center upon Micah, Jake, and Caleb walking in the name of their God and finding their strength in Him for the arduous journey ahead of them. Life is not easy. Challenges abound. Discouragement clouds the mind. Lies and betrayal cut and wound the heart. Shame overshadows love and truth. Failure blinds purpose. Depression darkens the soul. I am certain that my children will encounter seasons when they will struggle to find their way. Their faith in God will be tested.

What do I dream about?

My dreams center upon my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ leading our children to a place of confidence, security, trust, and love in the LORD God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, our God Most High, and our Heavenly Father.

What do I dream about?

It is my prayer that each our sons embrace these words of Zechariah:

I will strengthen them, Micah, Jake, and Caleb in the LORD, and in His name they will walk.  Zechariah 10:12 NIV

I cannot foretell the future. I do not know the way ahead for our family. However, my God does. If you noticed, my dreams do not center upon my children’s prosperity or happiness. I believe that if my children are walking with their God, then their hope and security is assured. Throughout their journey in life, He will strengthen them as my family chooses to walk in His name.

How do I know that?

My God constantly reminds me of who He is! Even, this week, when I feel incapable of dreaming beyond my children! Just the other day, He offered these words as encouragement:

“I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning,

And from ancient times things that are not yet done.   Isaiah 46: 9, 10 NIV

My God hears my prayers and He listens to my dreams for our boys and for our future. It is He who sees the end from the beginning for John and me, and for Micah, Jake and Caleb. In fact, He declares it! The journey beckons…and our God sees, understands, and offers His guidance for each step. From the ancient of days until the days that are yet to be lived, our God is taking us forward.

What do I dream about?

I dream that the declarations of my God over Micah, Jake, Caleb, John and me are fulfilled according to His glorious purpose and for the honor of His Name.

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