It’s Time to Hit the Road to Matopos


In less than 24 hours, our family departs once again for one of our favorite places in the world. We go to serve, pray, and minister in the land of Matopos. The majority of our packing is done. The baking is finished – brownies and snickerdoodles for the road and a coffee cake for our breakfast. Supplies for our ministry partners are sorted. The boys have packed their books, their stuffed animal friends, and their gear. All we need now is a good night’s sleep.

When I think back to our first trip north in 2010, I’m struck by many things. However, what is most prominent in my mind is the progress our kids have made and how much they are growing up and maturing into incredibly, fine young men.

In 2010, this was one of the first pictures I took of our three rock climbers. Micah was ten. Jake was eight and Caleb had just turned seven years old.


Back then, we had to pack a ton of food to bring with us. All three boys have some sensory issues with food and so four years ago, we were still working through those issues. As I planned for this trip in 2014, I realized that we’re only taking a fraction of the food we once took in 2010. Of course, we still have our brownies and snickerdoodles for the road trip. However, once we arrive at Morning Star, the boys will be eating just about everything they are served! Now, that’s progress!

On this trip, there will be ministry opportunities that may provide ways for all three of our boys to participate. I know Micah will be all over that. Caleb will be interested. Jake won’t be as eager as he would prefer to stay on the farm the whole time. He’s our proverbial home-boy. Morning Star has become just another one of our African homes for him. However, with a bit of planning and consideration, I’m sure we can figure something out for all three boys to contribute in some way. That’s progress!


One of the things I am most looking forward to is Jake’s baptism. In 2010, Micah chose to be baptized and at that time, Jake wondered why on earth some one would want to do that! However, as Jake witnessed Caleb’s baptism in 2013, he came forward this year and said he was ready to affirm his faith too. He finally understood what it meant to declare himself as a follower of Jesus. I won’t spill the beans about what we’re going to do, but needless to say, I’m excited about it! Another sign of progress!

Our boys are not so little any more. Both Jake and Micah tower over me. Caleb is just about to overtake me, too. It’s amazing to see them grow so tall. However, it’s even more gratifying to see this young boys growing in maturity and choosing to grow in their relationships with Christ.


I am convinced that their time at Morning Star Farm with their adopted African grandparents, Chris and Norma, have significantly contributed to that effort. Are we excited to return? Absolutely!

For all of you, who pray for our family and contribute to our ministry, thank you. For you, too, are building into our boys’ lives. You may not be able to join us here (although we’d love that), but you are serving as ministers – to us! We are linked together by the divine hand of God as you intercede for us, as you cheer for us, and as you care for us. The progress I witness in our family is a wondrous thing to behold and I am so grateful to be able to share what is happening here with you!

Yes, in less than 24 hours time, we make the long trek north. I can’t tell you everything that is going to happen there. I don’t know. Such a trip always offers the unexpected. However, such a time is precious in the lives of our family and is another way that our God interacts with us and contributes to the steps of progress we make in Him.

We’re on our way soon! And we can’t wait!

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