The Truth about Green Gobbledy-Gook

Jake and Caleb prefer to swim in clear water…not fluorescent green muck!

The fluorescent green liquid bubbled and popped above the surface of the pool water this morning

“Ugh,” I thought. “No one is going to want to swim in this syrupy-green mess.”

The green algae was multiplying. If left unchecked, this ooey-gooey-icky-bubbly-gobbledy gook would morph into a significant eyesore.

Maintaining a clean, sparkling pool in the spring and summer months of Johannesburg has the potential to erupt into warfare. Significant rain fall affects the ph balance and whatever substances – seen and unseen – that were once suspended in the atmosphere are poured into the pool and sink to its depths. In just minutes, a crystal-clear pool mutates into a murky-green mess.

Our pool maintenance and upkeep is John’s deal. What? Our full-time missionary family has a pool? Yep – nearly everyone in our suburb and the surrounding suburbs have one. So, please don’t judge. 🙂

So, back to the issue at hand, when John is away on a ministry trip, all types of responsibilities that he typically manages, fall to me; like pool cleaning.

I’ve been surveying the growing, green blob for the past few days and realized another day could not pass without engaging with it. It was time to initiate the shock treatment. A pool shock kit was developed for such a time as this one. Something drastic needed to occur to eliminate the green mass and bring the pool back to form.

Isn’t that true with human behavior too?

This is what I have been reflecting upon the past few days. It’s funny how a real mess can turn into a real life lesson

If something is left unchecked, if something is ignored, if something is continually enabled to the point of one’s detriment, if something continues to grow and to grow and to grow, before we realize it we have a green-gooey-oh-my-goodness-how-did-this-happen mess!

If we refuse to deal with something that is going on and either try to cover it up, over-compensate, or deny the severity of the problem, one day it’s going to consume us completely. Even a shock treatment, won’t be enough.

In Corinthians 13:6 it reads, “Love does not rejoice in evil, but rejoices in the truth.”

How does this verse relate to a green-gooey-glob?

Well, evil in this verse originates from the Greek transliterated word adikia. Adikia is an unrighteous action of the heart. What is evil or unrighteous is anything that we do in life that violates God’s standards.

And anything we do that violates God’s just laws has the potential to turn our hearts away from Him. We may not even realize that the green-gooey-gobbly-gook that has grown in our hearts has hidden our sin. We may  deceive ourselves into thinking the green-gobbly-gook is no big deal. Others can see the mess that has overcome our lives, but we’ve become too comfortable in it. And if we, are not careful, we could easily say, “That’s just the way I am,” and ignore the growing glob altogether.

I am not content to see our pool get out of control. Therefore I will not be content to allow my life to morph out of control either – or those that I love. We need to get real and we need to be real about what is going on in our lives.

When we rejoice in the truth, we respect and seek to live out the plan and purposes of our Heavenly Father on this earth. We live in freedom from pretense, falsehood, deceit, and even, green-gobbledy-gook.

In this verse, rejoice originates from the Greek transliterated word, sugachairo. Sugachairo means to rejoice together and share in one another’s joy.

Believe me, no one in the Witherow household is excited to jump, splash, and play in the hurgley-gurgley-mess outside. Our boys will only swim in clean water. Once the Johannesburg temperatures warm up a bit more this month; all three boys will be experiencing the refreshment of that water – once it is clean, that is.

Because that is what we do, right?

We enjoy, love, understand, and experience each other to greater depths and embrace each other with greater intimacy when there is nothing hidden between us. All masks are off. We speak, live, and breathe truth.

Friends, I am not pointing fingers. I am just as capable of allowing deceit or really anything else to morph out of control in my life. However, I have John. He holds me accountable. I have my kids. I want to be an example to them.  In addition, if I do something deceitful or selfish, I harm our relationship and hurt them all. There is no love in that. There is no joy in that. There is no truth in that. That is nothing to share.

So, my friends, let’s take a good look at ourselves – both inside and out.

Is there anything in us that resembles a green-gooey-ooey-mess that is harboring pretense, deceit, anger, selfishness, conceit, self-righteousness, lack of forgiveness, arrogance, greed, envy, jealousy, impatience, bitterness, gluttony, fear, mistrust, or etc.?

What needs to be acknowledged?

What needs to be forgiven?

What needs to be released?

What needs to be examined?

What needs to be cleaned out?

What do we need our God to purify and cleanse from our hearts once and for all?

I don’t want a fluorescent green blob of unrighteousness to overwhelm my heart and my spirit. I want to share and enjoy the love of my God, my family, my friends, and you – where all masks are off!

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