It’s Happy Blue School Time – Take Five!

I know for some of our friends in Oregon, particularly those who bleed green and yellow, today is a significant day as the Oregon Ducks compete for the NCAA National Football Championship. Good Luck Guys!

Well, a world away in South Africa, January 12, 2015 marks an altogether different but noteworthy milestone for the Witherow family!

It’s the first day of school!


Caleb could hardly contain himself this morning! He was eager to begin his new school year and was up at the crack of dawn. Jake wasn’t too far behind in his excitement quotient – especially because his older brother Micah was rejoining our Happy Blue School ranks. Jake and Caleb set up their school work stations by 6 am this morning in anticipation of our 7:30 am morning start! Yep, we raise them up keen and industrious over here!

Why on earth Jake was wearing a sweatshirt this morning is beyond me! It was a sunny and bright South African morning!
Micah’s Back! We’re so delighted!!!

It’s Happy Blue School Time – Take Five!

We begin our fifth year of homeschooling and I am gratified to say that we’re all cheerfully content to be here!

In honor of our first day, here are a variety of photos capturing our first day of school happenings for year number five!

We took some fun first day of school photos…




Having only a six week summer break, we can pick up right where Jake and Caleb left off with our school work last year. Jake and Caleb jumped right back into the swing of things!



For Micah Man, he’s embarking on a new learning adventure with Alpha Omega Academy. He retrieves his assignments on-line from his teachers. He enjoyed all of his classes today – especially Spanish!


One of the advantages of taking a school break in South Africa at the start of the school year is basking in the warm South African sun. So, eat your heart out, Northern Hemisphere folks (particularly you, Duck fans)….

Caleb collapsed on the trampoline after the first two and half hours of school. The trampoline surface and the South African sun light served as a sandwich of comfortable and pleasing warmth; a great way to relax in the middle of the school day!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. The boys gathered around the dining room table.


The smiles continued throughout the day…


The boys worked steadily and by day’s end were pleased with their first day efforts! Me, too!


We’re off to an amazing start with the Happy Blue School – Take Five! Stay tuned for more Happy Blue School reports throughout the 2015 school year!


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