Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Nana and Grandpa 2012

It’s been ten years since I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom – in person.

We have seen each other in the meantime, of course.

Our family has traveled back and forth from the States on three different occasions to see our Stateside family over that ten year period in our missionary life. Yet, missing special dates – not being there for days like Mother’s Day– always tugs at my heart.

So, on this Mother’s Day, although I am not with you, Mom, I would like to take this moment to share some of my precious reflections…

My brothers, sister and I, along with our spouses, and our children have been blessed with the beauty, joy and grace of our mother, Sue Ann.

No life is easy.

My mother’s life has not been.

Yet, rather than allow the heart-breaking tragedies of life shatter her, my mom was able to allow her God to take her wounded heart and breathe His tender mercies within – healing it, strengthening it, and transforming it. Her heart expanded with the compassion, grace, and mercy of God Himself.

As a result, my mother’s heart is one that beats passionately with the love, grace and mercy of God for us all. My mom grew rooted and strong, with her beautiful and shining face set towards her Savior, just like the sunflower; a flower that we both love.

Our entire family has received these tender mercies and boundless grace untold times. The security of our mother’s love is empowering. For as Kristina, Gordon, David and I know, wherever we are on earth, whether in South Africa, Oregon, California or Alabama, we are able to be where we are because of the love, unfailing encouragement, and sacrifice of our Mom. Our mother’s decision to love us unconditionally gave my brothers, sister and me a complete, unwavering assurance. For with the love and faith of our mom and dad in us– we can attempt anything – and even if we fail, and we most certainly did from time to time…and will again – the love, support, and kindness of our Mom’s example enabled us to begin again.

Mom, although I cannot be with you today, I am grateful for the gift of your love, beauty, and faith that is present in my life all of my days.

I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

  1. A beautiful tribute to your sweet Momma. That is a wonderful picture of your parents.

    1. Thank you, Susan! I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day too!

  2. Happy mother’s day to you as well, Heather!

    1. Thanks so much, Evan! Have a great week! Hope to connect soon!

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