Saints Don’t Scream – We Invite!


Friends, it matters what we say and what we do as followers of Christ.

I’ll write this again: It matters what we say and what we do as followers of Christ.

Because, tragically, the words from someone who says that they are a Christian or Christ follower are a thousand more times guaranteed to be spewed and splattered across social media when they vomit words of hate, division and distrust.

I continue to dialogue with a friend who says that he has no hope for us. My friend sees no evidence of love, compassion, or grace among the Christians he has interacted with in the past nor in the present. That’s a damning indictment that something has somehow gone dreadfully awry in the relationship with Christ that my friend observes in his Believer acquaintances.

The things I write about on my blog seem unattainable in the Christian world he sees.

What do I write about?

Currently, I am studying the word: saint.

There are some who believe this word should be cast out of Christian vocabulary altogether, because it has become so misused and so misrepresented over the lifespan of the Christian church.

Long, long ago when the church was birthing, every believer in Christ was called to be a saint. To be a saint was a good, honorable and divine thing.

Saint, according to the Greek definition, meant a sacred, holy and loved Christ follower.

As an example, Paul would often greet his fellow believers as saints: To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.   New International Version, Romans 1: 7

A saint belonged to Jesus Christ.

A saint was a member of God’s family.

A saint was dedicated to the service of Jesus Christ.

A saint believed that God was and is his/her Primary Source in life to meet every need.

A saint was beloved, esteemed, and dear to God.

A saint was known for his/her love of others; because he/she aspired to love others as Christ loved others.

A saint had the passionate conviction that he/she lived for Christ alone.

A saint basked in the grace of God and was afforded His joy, pleasure and delight.

And ultimately to have influence in this world and upon the people in his/her sphere of influence, the saint demonstrated love, compassion, grace and kindness in the world in which he/she lived.

A saint was known for his/her love.


Because the soul of the saint experienced the holy influence and divine favor of Jesus Christ in his/her life and was encouraged, strengthened and blessed in that life to love others.

Now, I cannot imagine that these saints were perfect in their endeavors. No man, other than Jesus Christ, could ever possibly attain such an ideal. All.the.time. Yet, that didn’t stop them from trying! How do I know that they kept up their efforts – just look at how the early church exploded! This was a church – a group of people – a gathering of saints – that were known for their love and this appealed to many!

Today, my friend says that we – Christ followers – are failing miserably in this regard. There is no hope for us, he says.

As I scan my Facebook feed, and read some of the things there, there is evidence that he is correct. People who say that they are Christian have posted some pretty awful things. In my opinion, such posts do little to bring anyone closer to Christ. Hate and distrust do nothing to uplift and encourage or love. Nothing.

However, I will not say I have lost hope. I believe that as time continues to pass, the saints of God will arise. Those with a passionate conviction to demonstrate the love of Christ in every area of their life will be seen and known. And those who profess Christ as Savior but continue to live out a lukewarm faith that chooses to fear the unknown future will be called out. For how can any believer enjoy the security and rest found in Christ, if he/she screams with fear?

Maybe there is not much difference between Christians and non-Christians today. In my mind, that must change.


Because of Christ.

Paul wrote to the saints these words which resonate today as well: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” New International Version, Romans 15:13

His saints will answer His call.

And they will be known for His love and His joy. Because they live it! Every.Single.Day.

Who are you?

Do you have the secure hope and abundant joy of Christ?

If yes, then join me in sharing this precious hope and this amazing love with others….now. For what we say and do – matters!

And if you do not have this hope, write me and let’s talk!

You see, saints like me don’t scream. We invite.


Image retrieved from Daily Bible Meme

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