Am I One of the Few?


This soul-inspired word percolated in my heart; soaking and then steeping into every blood-circulating cell.

Some thoughts come to my mind like a lightning bolt – shocking me to action.

While other impressions drift and sail about until I am ready and perhaps mature enough to glide towards a new and unfamiliar life course.

Some notions dot in and dot out. If I am not quick enough to respond, nothing happens. It’s a missed opportunity.

Yet, there are many whispers that present themselves in my heart, soul, and mind as I pray, that I know without a doubt are Divine.

A Divine word penetrates my soul like nothing else.

It happened this week.

“Could it be true, Lord?” I prayed.

Immediately, my God affirmed the veracity of this whisper through three words of Scripture in my daily Romans 12 study and reading.

Let me back up a moment and fill you in on what transpired in my life this past week.

I have a friend who I haven’t seen in years and years and years. I’d love to see her. Truly, I would. Yet, continents, time, and more obstacles have prevented any sort of reunion from happening. Yet, the Lord has prompted me to pray for my friend. Often. In fact, I pray for her daily. She’s been in my prayer journal for decades.

A while ago, I was prompted to pray a bold, life-giving prayer for my friend. And as I did so, the Divine impression moved me.

Keep praying for _______, Heather. Few people are… Don’t stop praying.

The impact of these words pierced me.

This is when I asked, “Lord, could it be true? Am I one of the few who is praying for _________?”

As I considered this question, I began to wonder even more. How many of us have only a few – or maybe even one person – who is faithfully praying for us – each and every day?

And to go even further, how many of us are choosing to be faithful in prayer for those in our lives – to be one of the few who are praying consistently for others?

Paul exhorts us to pray, when he says in Romans 12:12 (NIV), be “faithful in prayer.”

In the New American Bible Standard Version, we are to be “devoted to prayer.”

To be faithful in prayer and devoted to prayer comes from the Greek transliterated word, proskartereo. Proskartereo is based upon two words – pros and kartereo. Pros means to be near and to be for someone. Whereas kartereo means to be steadfast. When combining the two words, the definition expands significantly. Prokartereo means to place yourself near someone with perseverance, at attention, with courage and devotion and unremitting care.

This is how the Lord asks us to pray for our families, our friends, our communities, and the world.

He asks us to be near.

He asks us to persevere in prayer.

He asks us to be at attention – listening in to what He has to say.

He asks us to pray with courage and boldness.

He asks us to devote ourselves to praying for as long as it takes.

And He asks us to pray incessantly.

Who does that?
Who prays like that?

Who will agree to pray for someone and keep praying for them until the answer comes?

I confess, this is my intent.

I’ve shared about my prayer journal in the past. I have prayer requests listed there that I have been praying for day in and day out for years. Yes, years. These answers haven’t come yet. I also have other prayer requests that are fulfilled in weeks or just days.

There have been times when I’ve inquired of various friends who asked me to pray for them to see how things were going, and honestly, my friends have responded with amazement, “You’re still praying for that?”



Yes, I am.

The Lord has asked me to pray faithfully, with devotion, and to not give up – not ever – until His answer comes.

When the Lord shared with me that few are praying for my friend, I confess this intimate insight saddened me.

Call me crazy, but I think everyone needs lots of people praying for them. Who wouldn’t be blessed by being hemmed in with countless prayers?

We are.

My family benefits from a tremendous amount of prayer. We have a prayer team. Granted, we’re missionaries. We sought people out to pray for us. We have a large number of prayer partners who stand at the ready to pray for us and with us. However, just because we are missionaries, doesn’t mean others cannot ask for and generate this kind of prayer support as well.

Emergencies, diseases, tragedies and crises entreat people to pray – like mad – for a time. Yet, when the troubles and disasters pass, because they inevitably do, prayers often ebb away as well. People have moved on to the next misfortune. It’s my contention that even though the catastrophic climax is reached, that doesn’t mean that those affected stop needing our prayers.

So much healing and heart work takes place in the afterwards….

Yes, in the afterwards, God is calling us to be faithful in prayer.

Who are you praying for today?

Have you ever thought that you may be one of the few who is praying for this person?

You may be lifting someone up to the throne of God for Him to love and to act in this person’s life in a very specific way and a very specific purpose! And because of you and your faithfulness, God is moving and will continue to move in this person’s life!

Friends, who are you praying for?
Don’t stop.

Be faithful in prayer.

Be devoted to prayer.

Your prayers help mend a broken heart.

Your prayers restore a fragmented relationship.

Your prayers bring hope to a desperate soul.

Your prayers provide direction for the misguided.

Your prayers embolden a fearful heart.

Your prayers call the lost and deserted back home.

Your prayers guard the mind of the weak.

Your prayers inspire hope and confidence in those who doubt.

Your prayers offer healing to the wounded and sick.

Your prayers instill joy and gladness in the anxious.

Your prayers strengthen and encourage the disheartened.

Your prayers make a difference! And although it is estimated that many may be praying for this, that or the other thing – consistent, faithful, I’ll-pray-this-through-to-the-end prayers on behalf of others may be the few that are most needed for this time, this place, and for the friends and family in your life and for others in this world.

Today, though, I’ll keep faithfully praying for my beautiful friend.

Who will you position yourself near to pray for today and here on out?

Are you one of the few who will keep praying?

We are needed.

Who will you pray for?

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