I’m With Them!

Our family has a little routine we began with our Happy Blue Schooling six years ago. Each month, one member of the family selects one chapter of the bible to read for the month. We read that same chapter together Monday through Friday before we begin our school day. It’s become a family devotional practice.

The one change we make in our routine is that on Wednesdays, we pause to  select a verse from that chapter that has meant something to us as individuals. We share the verse. Then talk about it and then move on to the next family member.

While we are in the States, and on school holiday now (yippee), the boys wanted to continue our bible reading tradition.

We chose John 15 this month.

Only Jake, Caleb and I shared verses today, though. As I type, Micah is airborne on his way to Colorado to check out a university there and also spend time with family. So, he wasn’t here when we talked about our verses this morning.

What verses did we select today?

Jake – John 15: 17   This is my command: Love each other.

Caleb – John 15:9   As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Now remain in my love.

Me – John 15:13    Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends

What I appreciate about all of these verses is that no issue, no thing, no person, no yadayadayada has the power to prevent us from loving someone else. Nothing got in the way of Jesus showing His profound and generous love to us.

The same should be true of His followers, shouldn’t it?

As Believers, we see that Jesus Christ made the first choice – to love. From that love, came death on a cross, and then life, redemption and grace offered to those who would choose to believe in Him.

On this day, we have a similar choice.

Will we accept or reject the command of Jesus Christ to love each other?

Jake and Caleb chose their verses because they both said that they want to be loving to other people – especially their grandparents – who we’re staying with this month.

I’m with them.


Because Jake and Caleb have chosen to follow their Savior’s example and choose love.

So, I’m with them – because they’re with Jesus. They’re with Love.

And there’s no better place.

Are you with us?


4 thoughts on “I’m With Them!

  1. I’m seeing precious little love from Christians, especially evangelical Christians today.

  2. Just reading again, tonight, one month from this post. How blessed we were to have you with us. It seems a lovely dream.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks, Mom!

      Seeing the snow falling there and experiencing the warm-hot temperatures here, it does seem like a dream. But what a wonderful time we did share together! I love you and Dad very much! love, heather

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