If We Will Find It

At first I didn’t take notice of the two letter word embedded in the hope verse from Proverbs. Yet, as I meditated upon the truths enfolded in the verse, this tiny word shouted out its importance! It was as if this tiny little word was determined to inform me of a critical insight into the hope that I seek and am assured in Christ.

Take a look:

Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul,
if you find it, there is a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off.

New International Version, Proverbs 24:14

Did you observe the paltry, seemingly negligible word that in truth bears significant weight?


Did you go one step further and identify Solomon’s four word exhortation?

if you find it

Tucked within this three line verse is a new revelation of hope!

Our eternal hope in Christ is predicated upon the discovery of wisdom.

If we choose to seek it….

It makes sense.

Hope, in this verse, is based upon the Hebrew transliterated word, tiqvah. Tiqvah is a cord, a ground of hope and an expectation. As many of you know from reading my hope posts this year, I call tiqvah the cord of hope.  Wisdom is based upon the Hebrew transliterated word, chokmah. Chokmah means to be made wise and to seek instruction.

Do we desire to be hope-filled people?

According to Solomon, our hope in Christ is found when and if we pursue the path of instruction and wisdom. For Christ-followers, wisdom is not just granted like a wish. Wisdom is a life quest. The journey to wisdom requires perseverance. For as we travel the path to wisdom, we will seek the Lord, meditate upon His word, pray without ceasing, and wait upon Him with trust and expectation. As we seek the wisdom of the Lord, then our future hope will be found as well. For it is through the quest for wisdom, that our hope is securely grounded in Christ.

A wise and discerning person in Christ is a hope-filled person in Christ.

In today’s world, I believe we need these kind of Christ-followers – those that seek wisdom in the Lord and who are grounded in the Hope that He offers. It is my humble view that the discerning and wise, hope-filled Christ-follower has a significant contribution to make to a desperate world in seek of wise and hope-filled counsel. There are too many reacting to this-that-and-the-other-thing. Christians included. What we need is to hit the pause button and seek the Lord for the this-that-and-the-other-thing. First.

One of the questions that I am pondering as a result of this hope study is this:

How has our culture and world hindered our quest for the wisdom of God and how has this interference or distraction affected our hope?

Reflect upon that with me.

What is currently at play in our lives that prevents us from seeking the word of the Lord more often than we do?

It’s not that seeking the counsel from others is wrong. I often seek assistance from those who are wiser and more learned than I am for guidance.  The point of this verse is that we are to seek the wisdom of God for ourselves – it’s our personal journey to wisdom with our God – and in so doing, hope abides in that quest.

There is profit and reward in this wisdom pursuit.

The treasure is hope – a secure hope that will never be cut off or lost!

I want that!

This is what my hope study is all about – I am seeking the counsel of the Lord and developing my understanding of the hope that is mine in Christ!

Do you want this future hope as well?

It begins by responding to Solomon’s exhortation…

If you find it…
then there is a future hope that will never be cut off for you and for me!

Our quest begins by responding to the call – if we  find it….

Will we?

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