Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mom, did you know that there are approximately 10, 337 miles between us?

The distance from Johannesburg, South Africa to Portland, Oregon is recorded at 10,337 miles – at least by the information provided in my recent Google search – emphasizing the straightest route possible.

Isn’t that a crazy amount of miles?

The travel time varies of course. There are many flight offerings between South Africa and Oregon. Our family has endured at minimum 29 hours and as much as 43 hours of travel time over the past 11 ½ years to reach you, Dad, and our extended family and friends. It may be a long, long, long trip – but we gladly will travel the 10,337 (+/-) miles again, again, and again just to be with you! How we wish we could do it more often!

Today is one of those significant days in which our family would love to be with you. Alas, those 10,337 miles remind me how far away we are today.

It’s Mother’s Day.

So, in honor of this special day, I won’t let the distance prevent me from wishing you a glorious Mother’s Day! Thus, I thought I’d compose a blog post in your honor – yes, just for you, Mom!

As you know, I’ve dedicated myself to learning about hope this year. It’s been an amazing study – actually, life-impacting and life-changing.

Today, I landed in Romans.

Romans 5 begins this way:

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.

New International Version, Romans 5: 1-2

There is so much to love about these words!

First, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His redemptive, righteous work – His work alone – has brought us into the Divine Presence of God.

Second, because we are now ushered into His Presence through our faith in Jesus Christ, we enjoy peace with God. Because of Christ, we are secure and safe. Our past, present and future are provided for always. Imagine it. Our soul need not fear anything from the past, fear anything in the present, nor fear for the future.

Third, because we have gained access to the Presence of God, we enjoy a position of favor. We are free to pray, to worship, to sing, to praise, and to be thankful, thankful, thankful!

Fourth, we stand in grace. We enjoy a bold, courageous, and sure footing upon the grace of Jesus Christ. Again, because our position is secure in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, we cannot fall out of His grace! This ever-present grace sustains and strengthens. We never lose our footing, Mom. Never!

Fifth, how can we not be marvelously glad as we experience hope – the confident joy and sure expectation of eternal life in Christ today and forevermore?

Mom, I cannot be with you today. I’d love to be!

However, since I cannot, my Mother’s Day gift is this heart-felt, life-giving prayer based upon the exhortation of Romans 5: 1 -2

Heavenly Father,

What a blessed gift I have in my mom – who beautifully demonstrates the mercy, grace, kindness, and love of Christ in every aspect of her life. It is my prayer that she will embrace this amazing truth that she is – right now – in your Divine Presence because of her faith in Jesus Christ. There is nothing from her yesterdays, todays, or tomorrows that denies her from being with You! This bold, courageous, strengthening stand in grace offers her sweet and tranquil peace. May she embrace this vision and make it her own! Her mind can be settled and at peace in You! May the confident and sure hope she has in Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior, make her heart sing with joy, joy, joy – just as I am sure – you are singing over her with adoring love, with words of encouragement and whispers of peace. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you for my mom. My life has been shaped by her gracious, loving, and accepting influence. She radiates your mercy and grace because of her faith, hope, and trust in You. Thank you, Father.  I am grateful for her in every possible way! Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
I love you – always and forever!

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