Dad, Your Influence of Gratitude Reaches Beyond the Continents!


Dad, Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day – from your first-born kid in South Africa!

I hope you have a fantastic day with Mom, my brothers, sister and their families. I am delighted that you can all be together!

Being a couple of continents away from you, I especially feel the significance of that great distance on special holidays – like Father’s Day. I miss you, Dad.

Here you are, Dad, in the spring of 2007, enjoying time with Mom and most of your grandkids.

The thought that has most resonated with me about you, today, is gratitude. Dad, you resonate this quality of thankfulness and appreciation in great measure. As you have matured over the years, I have observed how you have grown this quality in your character and with your relationships. You have encouraged those in your sphere of influence to do the same – to be people of gratitude. Dad, you have tapped into an infinite storehouse of kindness and appreciation that pours from your heart into our own. Your loving influence has generational significance. For not only do I desire to be a person of gratitude, but your three grandsons strive to be as well. Your thankfulness spurs us all on to be thankful!

Jake and Caleb love Manzanita time with you! Here they are in 2015.

You have been incredibly influential in Micah, Jake, and Caleb’s lives, Dad. As their grandfather, you have consistently affirmed their value and worth. You have generously blessed them and encouraged them to be who God made them to be. They do not have to perform for you. Because of that, their greatest joy when we visit the States is being with their grandparents. Listening to you, enjoying dinner with you, sitting with you, hugging you, holding your hand, and laughing with you are all treasured, gratitude-filled memories for us.

You jumped into assist us in 2004 when John had recently undergone surgery and couldn’t go with us to find a Christmas tree. We found one!

Over the years, your consistent recognition that your life, your relationships, and your blessings have come because of the loving care and goodness of your Heavenly Father has served as an inspiration to me. I cannot remember a time when you did not thank God for all that you have and all that we have been given. No matter the impact of the experience, the size of the blessing, or the significance of the relationship, you have taken time to express your gratitude and honor the person and the moment. Your support and affirmation of our family and others – no matter who we are or what we have done – has made a difference and it still does.

Your desire to be a person of gratitude is a powerful gift.  You understand that gratitude strengthens and affirms others with every large and small encounter in life. Your spirit of gratitude says, “I see you. I appreciate you. I am blessed by you!” We need that, Dad. A lot.

It doesn’t seem possible that it has been seven years since you visited us in South Africa. This was a very special time for us! Thanks so much for coming!

You have encouraged us to be people of gratitude. In a world where so many are quick to complain about this, that, or the other thing, you have taught us to be quick to be grateful. And we will.

Your love and influence are far-reaching and so appreciated across the continents!

Here we are in June 2017 – blessed to be living live in Southern Africa! 


We love you and we wish you a very special Father’s Day!


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