This is a Pretty Cool Deal for Micah Man

Do you know what I think is pretty cool about Micah’s participation in Rosebank Union Church’s Holiday Club this week? The word ‘cool’ may not even be an ‘in’ word these days, especially in Micah’s world,  but no matter! I’m chuffed by Micah’s opportunity to serve this week! (Chuffed? Yes, it’s a word – South African for pleased, happy, excited. So, now you know!)

Back to Micah Man…

DSC01197 (2)

Is it that Micah took the responsibility upon himself to work ahead in his school work so he could volunteer and fully participate as a leader for Holiday Club (vacation bible school equivalent in South Africa)?


Is it that Micah took the responsibility upon himself to lead the drama section of Holiday Club and wrote five days’ worth of drama scripts that center on the week’s Lego Theme: Building a Relationship with Christ?

He developed an awesome set of scripts, too!


Is it that Micah chose ‘Mary Poppins’ for his pseudonym this week?

Nope, but true! 🙂

Is it that Micah has three goals for Holiday Club; have fun, encourage his fourth and fifth grade boys’ group to know Christ, and grow closer to Christ himself?

That’s definitely cool – but, nope.

Is it that Micah has a group of people praying for him, for his group of fourth and fifth grade boys, and for the Holiday Club from across the world?


It’s amazingly cool that Micah is not only a missionary kid – but a missionary in his own right! He has people from the US and actually other nations too, praying for him to minister in the name of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to offer the gift of salvation to those he will serve and influence this coming week. Because of who Micah is and who he is connected to from across the world, the Rosebank Union Church Holiday Club has even more prayer support!

DSC01202 (2)
Holiday Club Leaders and a Mission Team to the Ukraine were dedicated in prayer this morning! Can you find Micah? 🙂

This international prayer support is an empowering, crazy cool deal for Micah!

We won’t be seeing Micah all week. He’ll be spending the night at the church with his other co-leaders. Although the Holiday Club runs from 8:30 – 12: 30 pm, the extended time at the church is an opportunity to build relationships with each other, gain training in evangelism and discipleship, serve the church body, work towards a common goal, and have fun.  We wish Micah and all of the leaders a phenomenal time together in Christ!

Thanks for your prayers for our Micah Man – it’s incredibly gratifying to partner in prayer with such an amazing team of people as they pray for South African kids to know Christ!


And yes, that’s cool!

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