I’m a Runaway!

I have decided to run away.

That’s right.







An informal definition describes a runaway as a person who deserts or revolts against one’s family or institution. The desire is to change one’s life drastically…. In modern terms, a runaway doesn’t ask for permission to flee or will inform others of their decision. The runaway is determined to go and to go now.

I’ve never considered myself to be the runaway type. I am one of those people who stays in the game until the bitter end. I’m faithful. Loyal. I hang tough.

Not this time.

I’m done.

I came to this conclusion about myself after reading Hebrews 6: 18 – 19 this week. Here is what I read:

God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged.
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm, and secure….

New International Version, Hebrews  6: 18 – 19

If you read the words closely, the word ‘fled’ may have caught your eye. It caught mine.

The Greek transliterated word for fled in this text is kataphuego. Kataphuego means to flee for refuge and to seek safety. In this case, these words from the book of Hebrews were directed towards a Jewish Christian community who had chosen and affirmed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They deserted their Mosaic Law. Escaping their religious and cultural constraints, these people embraced a newfound faith which emphasized the Divine majesty and superiority of Jesus Christ. Such a decision came at significant cost, however. Faith and association with Jesus Christ brought suffering, persecution, and even death during the reign of Emperor Nero. This embattled people needed care and protection. This burdened people needed hope to persevere and carry forward.

Where could they set their sights?

Where could they escape?

They desired to flee from a culture that pressed heavily upon them to the point that their very lives were required.

No person, pursuit, object, or even behavior could meet them at their point of desperate need –

– Except Jesus.

They fled to Jesus.

They ran from their fears and worries to His refuge and protection.

They retreated from the pressures and strains of life to find His solace and peace.

They escaped from the stranglehold of expectation, shame and ridicule to find the grace and joyful acceptance of His waiting arms.

It’s no wonder that they bolted.

It’s no surprise that they fled.

They ran away.

They ran away from their world and ran towards an encouraging, strengthening, secure hope found in the person of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to come.

Friends, the life we live on earth is a fleeting one. It offers little, lasting comfort or peace. Rather, the people, cultures and nations of this world are becoming more disturbing, abusive, divisive, and destructive and yes, evil and deadly. There is a significant loss of respect, joy, and love among families, friends, and neighbors. It is wearing.

For some reason, many people revel in making snarky remarks – choosing to belittle, condemn and shame – instead of offering words of esteem, blessing, and praise.

Friends, like the Hebrews, I have fled from the snarky darkness of this world. I won’t participate in that kind of life or talk.

I’m a runaway.

I’ve escaped to the refuge of Christ – where grace, love, mercy, and joy abound!!!

I have found the encouraging hope of Christ to be sure, secure, and immovable. And safe. My life is held firmly in Christ and because of this truth, I can be a person who emanates His love regardless of person, location, or circumstance. It’s only possible because of Jesus Christ, though. He anchors me.

Friends, will you runaway with me?

Let’s run away from the divisiveness.

Let’s escape the pressure.

Let’s make a break from the shame.

Let’s desert the confusion.

Let’s flee to Jesus.

His unfailing, firm, encouraging and abiding hope is ours for the taking – as we flee to Him for our security of soul.

Let’s runaway and be a blessing to this world in the name of Jesus Christ!!!

Join me?

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