We Have a New School Name!

I wasn’t sure what name Jake and Caleb would select for their high school. This year, the boys begin grade 9. We’re in the big leagues now! As a result, it is time for a new school name that reflects the boys’ growing maturity.

It’s nearly incomprehensible to me that our our homeschooling experience began almost eight years ago.

In 2011, Jake and Caleb liked to eat outside on our steps that led up to the back garden at lunch time during our Happy Blue School Day.

Back then, in 2011, I asked the boys to each select a word that was meaningful to them and then we’d make a school title.

Jake chose ‘blue.’

Caleb selected ‘happy.’

And the Happy Blue School was born.

For seven years, our little Happy Blue School thrived. We initiated our school out of necessity. After three years in a delightful special needs school in South Africa, the boys had reached their full potential there. It was time for a new school.

But where?

We searched and we searched and we searched.

We couldn’t identify a school in our area that would satisfactorily meet Jake and Caleb’s academic needs. And believe me, we tried.

To remain in South Africa, there seemed to be only one course of action available to our family: homeschooling.

This school choice developed into an excellent education option for our family. Homeschooling provided an education tailored to our boys’ learning needs. It offered flexible scheduling during the day and throughout the year. The ease of integration to family life made our lives much more calm. And and most importantly, our homeschooling life was and continues to be fun!

Our 2018 school year begins next week. Jake, Caleb and I are excited by the prospect. I’m already gathering materials, downloading computer curriculum, making plans, and preparing for another amazing and fulfilling year. Caleb and Jake have organized their books.

Thus, today, I sat the boys down and asked them what they most liked about our Happy Blue School.

They both replied that the Happy Blue School makes them happy. I can’t tell you what a joy it is for me to hear that – nearly eight years into this grand homeschooling adventure!

I clarified and asked, “Do you want our new school to be a happy place too?”

Caleb and Jake both gave a resounding “Yes!”

So, together we looked up the word ‘happy’ to discover synonyms that would capture their desire to continue the happy aura of the Happy Blue School.

We found words like

cheerful               content                delightful             glad                     joyful

jubilant                 merry                  peaceful              pleasant               pleased

After surveying the words, Caleb asked, “What does jubilant mean?

Again, we looked for the word ‘jubilant’ in the dictionary to understand its meaning:

Here’s what we found:

Jubilant is a feeling or expression of happiness and triumph.

Or expressed another way:

jubilant definition

Jake exclaimed, “That’s it!”

Caleb agreed, “I like it.”

I asked them about the other words in our list and they each expressed that jubilant was their happy high school word.

And so without further ado, Caleb and Jake’s new high school name is

Jubilant Academy

Great choice!

Jubilant Academy will open on January 10, 2018 and I’m sure there will be many happy and triumphant moments ahead for Jake and Caleb! And me, too!


Stay tuned for more news from Jubilant Academy this year! We’re excited!

3 thoughts on “We Have a New School Name!

  1. What a prophetic name choice!

    1. Thank you, Melinda! We really like the new name! It overflows with hope, expectation, and joy. It’s a great way to start another school year! Love and blessings to you, Heather

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