Do We See the Wonders of God?

I didn’t see it.

I wasn’t around.

I hadn’t even breathed my first breath yet.

In fact, no one in this age, observed, heard, tasted, touched or smelled it either.

But somehow, some way, with some Divine, Spirit-led inclination, many of us embraced the unseen in faith.

We believed the miraculous.

We reveled in the wonder.

We considered the inexplicable in obedience, in fear, and in faith.

Imagine it now….

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, a time-worn shepherd of Mid’ian was called forth from the wilderness. Forty years before, this man had sought asylum and refuge from his bloodied, guilt-ridden Egyptian past – desiring never to return. Yet, a time of reckoning had come for the slave-holding nation of Egypt. The Lord Almighty anointed this 80-year-old man named Moses to deliver His people and himself from the bonds of physical, emotional, and spiritual captivity.

In the powerful name of the Lord, every Egyptian resident – free-born and slave-born –  witnessed the miraculous, reckoning hand of God descend.  The river waters turned to blood. They shuddered as massive amounts of frogs leaped far and wide. They grimaced from the sting of mosquitos and biting flies. They smelled the rotting flesh of dead livestock. Boils erupted through their skin. They sought refuge as thunder shook the heavens and hail pelted to the ground.  Swarming locusts devoured crops. And as darkness extinguished the light of day, they feared what could possibly come next. It was then that the Angel of Death passed over those who claimed the Lord as their own.  With relief and joy, they thanked their God for sparing their firstborn children from the hand of oblivion.

And later.

As the masses of Egyptian slaves found themselves pressed between the crashing waves of the Red Sea and the advancing army of a rage-filled Pharaoh, Moses lifted his staff. The Lord parted the sea waters and the people entered their sea-bound pathway to freedom.

In the years that followed these marvelous, miraculous events, Moses gathered the people together. He urged the newly formed Israelite nation to remember the wonders they had not only witnessed, but lived in the presence of their God.

He exhorted the freed nation with these words:

Love the Lord your God and keep his requirements, his decrees, his laws and his commands always.  Remember today that your children were not the ones who saw and experienced the discipline of the Lord your God: His majesty, His mighty hand, His outstretched arm;  the signs he performed and the things he did in the heart of Egypt, both to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his whole country; what he did to the Egyptian army, to its horses and chariots, how he overwhelmed them with the waters of the Red Sea as they were pursuing you, and how the Lord brought lasting ruin on them…. But it was your own eyes that saw all these great things the Lord has done.

New International Version, Deuteronomy 11: 1-7

Moses understood that what we remember, honor and worship becomes magnified in our lives.

With their own eyes, the Israelite nation saw the outstretched arm of their God save them, deliver them, help them, and sustain them.

With their heightened sense of hearing and awareness, they followed their God through the darkness – through the impossible.

With their own tongues, the Israelite nation tasted God’s gracious provision.

With their own hearts, they felt the deep and secure satisfaction of His love.

We may not have witnessed these amazing miracles in Egypt and in the wilderness, but don’t we have our own miracles of joy, kindness, grace, forgiveness, peace, and love that we experienced and that we remember?

When was our joy – restored?

When was our thirst – quenched?

When was our shame –  forgiven?

When was our illness – healed?

When was our misery – overcome?

When did our grief – subside?

When did our waiting – end?

When did we see the wonders of God in our lives?

We may not have observed the marvels of God in Egypt, but that doesn’t mean that our God is not showing Himself to be the God of wonders and miracles today.

Do we see Him?

Do we hear Him?

Do we taste His goodness and His provision?

Do we feel His Presence?

Are we even looking?

Do we believe that the God of Wonders during the age of Moses is the God of Wonders today?

Will we choose to remember? Unfortunately for the Israelites, despite all of Moses’ exhortations, prayers, and encouraging words to remember and hold fast to their God, many of the people of Israel forgot their God. They drifted away – choosing man-made, self-centered pursuits. Their dimmed and dulled hearts held no memory of the wonder and glory of God.

Moses didn’t forget though. And Moses’ conviction of faith is a lesson for us as well. We aren’t responsible for anyone else’s remembering – we can certainly attempt to share our faith and trust in our God – but ultimately it is our own. Each person must choose to remember and walk the path of faith for themselves. And what we remember, honor and worship is what we will magnify in our life today and in each day that follows.

Will we remember the God of Wonders is at work today even as He was at work in our lives in the past?

Will we look for Him – today?

Will we hear Him – today?

Will we trust Him – today?

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