Happy, Happy, Happy Big #15, Caleb!

“It’s five days until my birthday, Mom,” Caleb informed me just a bit of time ago.

Then, “Mom, only four more days!”

Followed by, “Mom, this year is going so fast! I’ve got three days until my birthday!”

Caleb beamed.

Next, “Two more days, Mom! Just two more days!” Caleb smiled and smiled and smiled.

With his anticipation growing, “One more. One more day! I can’t wait!” Caleb could hardly stand it!

And then this morning, Caleb bounded out of bed and declared, “Today’s the day, Mom! It’s my 15th birthday!  I’m so excited!”

It is a delight, an absolute delight, to share in Caleb’s birthday joy.

In fact, yesterday, as I looked in Caleb’s room and saw him smiling, we had this short dialogue:

Me: Caleb, you look happy.

Caleb: Yep.

Me: I love your smile.

Caleb: I’m a happy kid, Mom, that’s who I am! 😊

And it’s true. Nearly 365 days of the year, counting all twelve months, and as Caleb wakes each morning and then as he heads to be each night, our Caleb continues to be our joy boy inside and out.

So, today we celebrate the life of our joy-bringer as he turns 15 years old!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

We rejoice in your fun-loving spirit.

We appreciate your caring, compassionate, and generous heart.

We value and encourage your helpful, and eager-to-assist disposition.

We celebrate your warm, welcoming temperament.

We are honor you for your honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

And we bless you with our love, our prayers, and our joy – returning all the love, prayers, and joy you charitably and profusely pour into lives each and every day.

We adore you, Caleb! You are a sweet delight to all that know you and love you!

On your birthday, Caleb, we pray:

May our Lord be your strength and your shield, today and every day. We pray that your heart continues to trust in your Lord and Savior for every large and significant matter and every tiny one, too. May you be helped each time you call out to your God and find Him near. We see that your heart leaps for joy when you interact with Jesus and we are touched beyond words. We give thanks, Caleb, to our God for you! We pray that this new year is one of continued joy in your relationship with Christ, continued growth in your faith life, and continued peace as your identity is strengthened and made secure in Him.

We’re so excited to celebrate you – happy, joyful, beautiful, you!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Caleb!


2 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy Big #15, Caleb!

  1. Happy Happy Happy 15th Birthday Caleb from Surprise, AZ!🎂🎉

    1. Thank you, Nancy! We’re going to have a great day! Blessings to you as well! Love, heather

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