What Will We Do Now?

John and I turned to each other and then towards the back seat of our Nissan Sentra. We gazed upon our alert and curious, precious and divine, nine-plus-pound baby. This was Micah’s first ride. We were about to drive away from Adventist Medical Center and bring our first-born baby home.

My husband and I sat in silence.

As John turned the key in the ignition to start the car, John remarked, “I guess we’re going to find out what we do now.”

I nodded.

The memories of those first days of Micah’s life blur with the 18 ½ years that followed – one after the next.  We have many wondrous, spectacular, and top-of-the-mountain, but also, tragic, heart-felt, and low-down-to-the-earth experiences with this incredible young man we have the privilege to call son.

Today, marked another of those sad, but joyous, modest, but amazing, brutal, but proud moments in our family’s lives.

Micah just boarded his first plane – all by himself – to Australia for a one-year discipleship experience with Pais Australia.

And today, as John and I peered back to Micah’s empty seat in our Toyota Prado as we were about to drive away from Oliver Tambo International Airport, we contemplated.

“I guess we’re going to find out what we do now.”

This departure is similar to Micah’s first day of school in South Africa in 2006. Just like then, Micah bounded out of bed – excited for the new adventures that awaited him in his new home country. Back then, he packed a pillow, lunch, and backpack for his first school day.


This time around, Micah arranged his clothes, his shoes, his guitar, a few books, his Bible, his computer, his toiletries, and a few other things into his luggage which will see him through the months ahead. The travel time to school was a mere 15 minutes in 2006. Micah’s flights to Australia will be just over 24 hours. In 2006, either John or I or sometimes both of us ferried Micah and his brothers, Jake and Caleb, to school. It was a family affair. Not this time. Micah’s journey is a solo one.


With nearly a dozen international flights under his belt, Micah is a seasoned, professional traveler. He flies to Australia with confidence and a can-do spirit.

So, here we are.

It’s 2018.

Micah is ready to embark upon his own, new and dynamic phase of independent, adult life.

We couldn’t be more delighted, more enthusiastic, or more appreciative of our son, Micah. He is eager for this new step in his life and he’s going forth with our blessing and our love.

I could hardly speak to my boy as we said our farewells at the airport. But what I could whisper and croak as Micah hugged me tight was, “I love you, Micah. Remember to be you. And no matter what happens, we are always here for you.”

Micah responded, “I know, Mom.”

And with those three words or assurance, I realized that this phase of my parenting life with Micah has reached its conclusion.

My heart is content. His mother’s love is securely with him. And Micah knows it.

DSC02104 (2)

So, now I am going to find out what our family does now – with Jake and Caleb still at home – and with Micah when we interact through electronic communication from Australia and then when he comes home to visit. This life that we currently know is never going to be the same. But life is never static, is it?

Our lives are dynamic. We undergo important, impactful and internal changes of character, thought, emotion, intelligence, endurance, and capacity as we experience all that life has to offer and when we surrender our lives fully to Jesus Christ as Micah has done – wow – these life changes are even more meaningful and significant!

So, yes, we’re all about to find out what we are going to do now. And, it’s a really good, good, good, thing.

Hamba Kahle, Micah Man.

Go well, my son.

You have our faithful prayers.

You have our unceasing support.

You have our love – always.

Micah, we pray that this is the first of many amazing, jubilant, and fruitful adventures with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We send you out to the world with our blessing, our joy, and our love.

Let’s all find out what we will do now!

We love you!

8 thoughts on “What Will We Do Now?

  1. Beautifully said, Heather ❤️

  2. You have the same picture on the wall his last day at home as you had his first day of school. How many of us could do that? Not me for sure! Such a change this will be for you to have him gone. I pray the best for him and you as you all adjust to this wonderful and terrible change. 💞

    1. Thank you, Nancy. It’s a significant change for us all. We are a very close family. However, Micah is so ready for this new step and we are behind him all the way! Thank you for your note and for your care. With love, heather

  3. What an adventure for Micah. God’s blessings are his as he starts his new life. And so do you. Finding out what you do now is truly an adventure for you too. It’s a. Ew season and one that you will embrace and find your life filled with joy! Grab hold and run with it!

    1. Thank you, Shara. Countless others have walked this path before our family. Wow, I didn’t know it would pull my heart out of place. Yet, as I shared, Micah is ready. As I type, he is about 90 minutes from landing in Australia after 24 + hours of travel, I’m sure he can’t wait to stretch his legs and more importantly meet his new team. Thank you for your love and care. With love, heather

  4. Joan and Dick Johnson July 25, 2018 — 3:45 pm

    God be with you family! 🙏❤️

    1. Thank you Aunt Joan and Uncle Dick. We are incredibly excited for Micah but already miss him like crazy. We hope you are both well. We love you and miss you. Love, heather

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