Early Declarations – Substantiated Truth

After spending one day with Jesus, Andrew could not contain himself.

Have you ever experienced such an insuppressible moment in your own personal walk with Jesus?

I have.

At such times, jubilant words of faith have poured from my mouth. Love has gushed from my heart. Enthusiasm has sung from the depths of my soul and my feet have danced with joy.  For Andrew, and me, too, the kindness, grace and goodness of Jesus was never something we could keep to ourselves. Upon receiving the love of the Savior, His gifts and glories could not be contained or hoarded – but rather, shared, shared, shared!

So, what did Andrew do?

He rushed to his brother, Simon Peter, upon finding him, Andrew announced,

“We have found the Messiah!”

New International Version, John 1: 41

From my experience, whenever someone has found Christ, experienced His love and His truth, their excitement and joy is alluring and infectious. Simon Peter responded to his brother’s fervent appeal and sought Jesus, too.

You see, Jesus was on the move.

His time had come.

His feet-to-the-ground and heart-and-hand ministry was about to turn the first century world on its head, but first, there was a company of men to call to his side.

Earlier that day, Jesus passed his cousin, his ally, and the one who had established and prepared the way for his arrival. As his cousin, John, beheld Jesus near the Jordan River, he proclaimed to his disciples, “Look, the Lamb of God!”

At first glance, Jesus appeared just as any man might as he made his way along the Jordan shoreline. Yet, there was something. Upon closer examination and with an innate desire to see and understand spiritual truth, two of John’s disciples’ responded to his encouragement and set their hearts, their minds, and their feet to follow.

Birthing in their heart, conscience, and soul was the realization that the One they beheld would take away their sins and of all mankind.

Jesus paused. He gazed upon the two men named John and Andrew and asked, “What do you want?”

They replied, “Rabbi (which means teacher), “Where are you staying?”

“Come and see,” Jesus answered.

New International Version, John 1: 37 – 39

After spending the day with Jesus, Andrew and announced to his brother, “We have found the Messiah!” And so, Andrew brought Simon Peter to Christ.

The very next day, Jesus invited another man from the same town as Andrew and Simon to follow him. And just like Andrew, Philip could not repress the Good News he experienced. He, too, sought out a friend, Nathanael, and told him,

“We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote – Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph…. Come and see!”

New International Version, John 1: 44

And so, Nathanael rose from his worries and his cares to meet Jesus.

Upon Nathanael’s arrival, Jesus surveyed the man and said,

“I saw you – while you were sitting and praying under the fig tree – even before Philip called you.”

Upon hearing these words, Nathanael declared, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel!”

New International Version, John 1: 48 – 49

In just hours, these first five disciples of Jesus Christ had declared Him to be

Lamb of God





Jesus of Nazareth

Son of God

King of Israel

Imagine it. These were their very first impressions and very first declarations of Jesus after spending mere moments with the man. Each responded to a personal, deliberate invitation to look, to follow, and to come and see.

And they all had.

John. Andrew. Simon Peter. Philip. Nathanael.

Of course, there would be others who would follow and respond to the captivatingly warm and gracious welcome of Jesus – but did these first, fabulous five really grasp the meaning of their initial declarations?

As Lamb of God, the disciples acknowledged Jesus as the One who would lay down his life in atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world.

As Rabbi and Teacher, these men sought Him for deep, spiritual truths, wisdom and discernment to guide and instruct them.

As Messiah and Christ, they beheld their Savior in wonder.

As Jesus of Nazareth, they recognized him as a fellow man and friend.

As Son of God, they regarded his holiness, his righteousness, and his sanctification.

As King of Israel, some deemed Him their political solution – one who would lead them to deliverance from the Roman Empire.

Upon invitation to follow Him, though, the first fabulous five decided to attach their hearts, minds, and souls to Jesus.

Yet, what John, Andrew, Simon Peter, Philip and Nathanael so easily professed in their initial set of encounters with Jesus needed to be thought out, worked out, and lived out through more time and experience. It’s one thing to say something – it’s a whole other matter to live and die by something – especially when the challenging, push-back, not-so-fun, treacherous, sorrow-filled, faith-stretching moments of life occur. And they would.

But that hadn’t happened yet for these men. They were just half a day into their decision to follow Jesus.

Their deep trust, loving appreciation, abiding strength, and resolute faith found in Jesus Christ would develop over years of walking, talking, observing, listening, questioning, pondering, and living and loving Jesus. And then, their declarations would be sure, enthusiastic, and uncontainable – and they would share the Good News of Jesus until the day they died:

Jesus is the Lamb of God.

Jesus is the Son of God.

Jesus is the Savior of the World.

Jesus is my Friend.

Their initial professions of faith were only the beginning of their understanding of Jesus – but those declarations would be substantiated again and again and proven true. These fabulous five and countless others that would follow them would dedicate their lives to sharing and declaring that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, so that all in their sphere of influence would believe in Jesus Christ and have an abundant, transformational, never-the-same-again life in His name.

Who do you declare Jesus to be in your life?

Will you share your wondrous relationship in Christ with others?



Image retrieved from Free Bible Images

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