Yes, We Can!

Some of you may remember that nine months ago, someone asked me why I was ‘wasting my time homeschooling Jake and Caleb.’ She didn’t believe they were capable of learning and that I should focus on teaching them how to cook and how to clean. She negated all of the work I was doing and planned to do with my children this year in our Jubilant Academy. Her discouraging words sliced my tender heart to pieces.

Did I follow her advice?

Did I lay aside our hopes and goals for the 2018 school year?

No way!

Today, Caleb, Jake and I are two weeks shy of finishing our school year (early, I might add because of our upcoming trip to the States). And on this very day, both Caleb and Jake completed their first (and probably not last) extensive Microsoft Powerpoint Project. Inserting pictures, texts, determining slide transitions and animations, timing, and more, they produced these projects – with guidance, but all by their own hand. I am so proud of them.

I share this story with you because there seems to be a predominant voice that says to us all,

“No, you can’t.”

“You’re not capable.”

“What’s the point?”

“Give up and focus on something else.”

“This has no value.”

“You’re not good enough.”

You know what I say in response?

“Yes, you can!”

“You are capable!”

“This work you are doing is incredibly important.”

“Stay committed to your goal.”

“Your project is worthwhile and meaningful.”

“You are more than good enough – you’re the perfect person for this critical work!

“Don’t give up!”

I say this because I know:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

New King James Version, Philippians 4:13

If I had listened to and followed the advice of this professional at the beginning of the year, Caleb and Jake would not have taken a Microsoft Office elective in our school, Jubilant Academy. They never would have learned how to create documents with Word, how to maneuver through Publisher, or how to produce Powerpoint Presentations. Instead, I trusted in the strength, care and guidance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to show us the way forward – and just look at what Jake and Caleb can do now!

Jake and Caleb are delighted with their school work and what they have accomplished this year in our Jubilant Academy – by their own hands.

So, my dear friends, my encouragement to you is to keep persevering with what you have set your mind to try, to accomplish, and to complete.

There is nothing to lose!

Jake and Caleb are autistic and have significant learning challenges. Many things are stacked against them in this world – including medical professionals who disregard our boys’ potential. Our family chose not to follow that particular “They can’t. Don’t try” course.

Instead, nine months later, our children have more understanding and more skills in a very practical area of life.

There are too many these days telling us: “No, you can’t!”

I’m here to cheer you on and say, “Yes, you can! In Christ and in His strength, anything is possible!”

Believe it!

3 thoughts on “Yes, We Can!

  1. Our God is so good. He knows what the boys can do. And with your guidance, they DO things. Your love shows in all you do for Caleb and Jake. Their successes show just how much your love has given them confidence to accomplish whatever they try. Hugs and love to all of you.

    1. Thank you so much, Shara. I really appreciate your affirmation. A lot.

  2. What a wonderful story of love, dedication and trust in God! You and God know best what Jake and Caleb can and will accomplish. Praise the Lord for Jake and Caleb’s successes!

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