What? No Cinnamon Rolls, Tomorrow???

As we talked about Micah’s upcoming birthday, Jake asked, “Mom, will you be making cinnamon rolls tomorrow?”

“Um, no,” I replied. “Micah won’t be with us tomorrow.”

“But why not, Mom,” Jake persisted. “It’s still Micah’s birthday.”

Our pragmatic son believes that just because Micah won’t be with us on his birthday doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate anyway – with cinnamon rolls.

I’m not sure Micah would be too keen to hear that his family enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls on his birthday – in his absence. Of course, this family favorite would be consumed in Micah’s honor.

Of course, they would.

However, the truth of the matter is that we just had a round of cinnamon rolls last week in recognition of John’s birthday. This is the only thing that John asked for his birthday – homemade cinnamon rolls. I obliged. And because Micah wasn’t here with us last week, Jake enjoyed even more cinnamon rolls than usual.


Do the math.

If I baked another round of cinnamon rolls this week, Jake knows that even more cinnamon rolls are in his future than normal.


It’s still Micah’s birthday. 😊

Well, I’m here to say that I didn’t bake more cinnamon rolls today. Instead, I baked another family favorite for tomorrow morning. We call it, crumbly cake. Jake, John, and Caleb will be enjoying a slice of crumbly cake for breakfast. It’ll be fine.

However, it will still be Micah Man’s birthday.

Number 19.

I was asked by a friend if it was Micah’s first birthday without us. I didn’t think so. I believe when Micah was twelve years old that he celebrated his birthday up in Zimbabwe with his African grandparents, Chris and Norma. John took Micah with him on one of his ministry trips. He left Micah with Chris and Norma for a few days – which included Micah’s big and special day.  My memory is a little fuzzy on that – but that’s what I think. 😊

It’s still strange, though.

It’s still a bit discombobulating not to have Micah with us for our family’s special days. John’s birthday was last week. Micah celebrates his birthday tomorrow. Then, there will be other significant days ahead this year that will come and then go; holidays, our annual team retreat, my birthday, Caleb’s birthday, our family ministry trip to Zimbabwe (hopefully) and more – all without Micah being here with us.

Of course, families have been experiencing this dynamic of launching their young adult children for generation upon generation upon generation. Life goes on – even when it’s your child’s birthday.

But, it’s our turn, now.

Like Jake says, it’s Micah’s birthday tomorrow. We should be sharing cinnamon rolls together.

We’ve been enjoying cinnamon roll birthdays for a long time – Jake knows that! This is Jake on his 7th birthday – the earliest photo I could find of a cinnamon roll bday treat. Why not Micah Man? Well, most of his bday photos are with pumpkin pie. 🙂

That’s what our feelings say. Jake’s tummy, too, for that matter. 😊

However, as we observe Micah from afar, as we listen to him share about his experiences in Australia this year, we couldn’t be more delighted for this gap year opportunity for him. Gap years really aren’t much of a ‘thing’ in the United States. Most kids catapult into jobs, community colleges, or university programs following high school. That’s fine. Really.

However, John, Micah, and I believed that Micah needed a year to grow himself spiritually, emotionally, socially, and even, physically before he headed into a United States university program. After living the majority of his life outside of the United States, Micah needs to be secure in his own skin, secure in his faith, and secure in how he will someday handle the different social situations that will come his way inside and outside of his future college campus. Having a secure identity in Christ will go a long way for Micah next year. We’re certain of that.

Like I shared, after observing Micah, after listening to him, and after interacting with him over the holidays, we believe our eldest son is exactly where he needs to be to continue growing and maturing in life.

That’s what makes a special day like Micah’s birthday tomorrow – bearable and good.

So, no cinnamon rolls tomorrow.

Instead, we’ll be cheering Micah onward into his 19th year!

dsc02367 (2)

We’ll be praying it’s Micah’s best year yet!

How could it not be?

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