Jake Says: Stop Thinking and Start Sleeping!

Every morning.

Every single morning.

Every single morning without fail, Jake poses the same question to John and me.

Jake asks, “How did you sleep?”

If we say, “We slept well,” Jake responds with an emphatic, approving, self-satisfying retort of “Good!”

If we admit that we didn’t sleep particularly well, Jake demands, “Well, why not???”

He may postulate, “Sleeping is no time for thinking. Stop doing that! Start sleeping in peace!”

John and I can only smile in response. Jake is right. Sleeping is no time to be thinking about this-that-or-every-other-type-of-concern-or-worry.

According to Jake, we should lay down in our beds, shut out the world, rest our hearts and minds, and trust that our cares and responsibilities will be there in the morning when we wake.

And why shouldn’t we?

Yes, why shouldn’t we?

As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, why shouldn’t we lay down to bed with confidence, with hope, with assurance, and in safety and security?

At such a time as this – as the world shakes and shudders in fear over the seemingly growing coronavirus-19 pandemic –  that we show the world another way to handle this pressing crisis and rest in confidence and peace?

Some might say, it is our duty.

We are Christ followers.

What does that mean?

As a follower of Christ, this means that during uncertain, troubling, and frightening times we resolve that we will trust God. Not only that, but we determine to trust God as our God.


He is our Lord.

He is our Heavenly Father.

He is our Almighty God.

He is our Alpha and Omega.

He is our Creator.

He is our Healer.

He is our Peace.

He is our Comfort.

He is our Savior.

He is our Praise.

When difficult moments arise on this earth, we declare who our God is to us and we resolve to live like we believe it!


Take David, a man on the run, a man desperate for sanctuary from his enemies, as an example. Not only was David  fleeing from the Philistine army, but he was also being pursued by the servants of King Saul. Fear and danger pressed down upon him from every side and each could have crushed him into oblivion.

That didn’t happen, though,  did it?

David, in the face of present and future fears, determined that it was both his need and his duty to demonstrate Whose he was. David resolved to make his God, his protection, his confidence, and his salvation. David threw himself into the arms of his God and called for help and expected help to come.

Be merciful to me, my God,
    for my enemies are in hot pursuit;
    all day long they press their attack.
My adversaries pursue me all day long;
    in their pride many are attacking me.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
In God, whose word I praise—
in God I trust and am not afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?

New International Version, Psalm 56: 1-4

David understood that every worldly circumstance that presses heavily upon us is calculated with the malevolent intention of projecting fear – paralyzing fear – into our hearts.

Instead, David chose to act in defiance against his fears and depend upon the invincible might and calming strength of his God. It was David’s faith-filled rebellion against his emotional state, that steadied him, strengthened him, and gave him courage to live another day – one day at a time until victory was won.

David triumphed.

He made God’s promises the focus of his praises.

He spoke out against his fears and declared his trust in his God – again and again and again and again and again….

We can do the same.

We can declare that we have put our confidence, our hope, and our trust in our God and experience – even in uncertain, troubling, isolating, and discouraging times – the peace, safety, security, and shelter of our God.

Declare the promises of God and trust Him for every word!

God is my Protector.

God is my Hope.

God is my Joy.

God is my Shelter.

God is my Peace.

God is my Deliverer.

God is my Salvation.

God is my Blessing.

God is my Confidence.

God is my Friend.

God is my Healer.

God is my Provider.

God is my Praise.

Each declaration is both a promise and a praise.

Yes, the coronavirus-19 virus is wreaking havoc across this world. Yes, people are getting sick and yes, people are dying. It is inflicting pain, suffering, and death to thousands. However, as believers in Jesus Christ, as those who choose to trust God, this virus can not rob us of eternal life, our promised future beyond this age. If we solely are looking to this present age as the end-all to our being, hope is lost.


Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way if we fix our eyes on our God. The Lord loves us. He desires us. He is calling to us to trust Him. He wants us to stop bearing the many burdens this virus has been laying upon our thoughts, putting on us in terms of restrictions, and forcing with cancellation upon cancellation. He wants us to give Him our fears and our worries. The virus may have put a pause button on many aspects of our lives, but it can never deny us the care and love and help of our Heavenly Father.

The things we might like to do, all by ourselves, our God wants to take from us and assist us with – right now.

Our God desires us to do as David did. He is asking us to throw ourselves upon his mercy, his love, and his care and protection and his provision to see us through this time until victory comes.

We begin by declaring with faith-filled defiance that we trust our God for our every need.

What do you need to declare against your fears?

What do you need to say before you go to sleep?

What do you want to experience triumph over today?

Declare it!

God is my Protector.

God is my Hope.

God is my Provider.

God is my Joy.

God is my Shelter.

God is my Peace.

God is my  ______________________________.

May it be so.

As Jake might offer to us, “Start sleeping in peace and trust in God.”

Amen and Amen.

2 thoughts on “Jake Says: Stop Thinking and Start Sleeping!

  1. Jake is a wise man.

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