Birthday Blessings for Caleb

How many times has someone in our family uttered these words in the past three months, “Well, we weren’t supposed to be here for this, but here we are…”?

We are 94 days into our Limbo Land Life due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. And today, a very special day, is another one of our family’s ‘we weren’t supposed to be here for this’ moments.

However, it’s okay.

It’s better than okay.

In fact, seventeen years ago, Caleb surprised us with his own “I’m not supposed to be here” arrival. We were all set to go to the hospital for Caleb’s birth on June 12th for our scheduled Cesarean-section procedure. However, in the wee hours of June 10th, our precious, joy boy decided to surprise us with an early “I’m here!” appearance.

We were delighted by our son’s birth then, and we’re even more elated to have Caleb in our lives now.

He turns 17 years old today! It’s his birthday!

Amazing! Simply amazing!

Of everyone in our family, the past three months have probably been the most difficult for our son, Caleb. To be sheltered-in-space and away from the people Caleb loves has felt strange and unnatural. The disruption in our day-to-day life while we are in the United States and the significant disruption to our plans to return to South Africa are difficult to process and understand. Caleb wonders what each day will bring and ultimately what is going to happen with our family – he has asked, “Will we ever get back to South Africa?”

It’s a real concern.

So, how do we commemorate this wonderful day in Caleb’s life amid such a crazy, uncertain time?

We follow Caleb’s cue.

He asked for a simple day with simple blessings.

So, here we are.

A few presents – Caleb didn’t ask for very much. That’s just the way he is. 😊

Pizza  – of course! This year, Caleb is choosing Giovanni’s Pizza! Yum! Yum! Yum!

This is Giovanni’s Mediterranean Pizza – a veggie delight!!! And a Caleb favorite!

Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream – both made by our dear friend, Claire.

And family. This is the best gift of all for Caleb – to have his extended family around him. Because they weren’t supposed to be with Caleb today – but they will be – because we are here for Caleb’s special, special day!

Had we returned to South Africa, we would not have been able to celebrate Caleb’s birthday with his grandparents. This is a wonderful gift to be embraced in our Limbo Land Life!

We are encouraging our children – especially Caleb – to embrace the moments, the people, and the places we hadn’t expected to experience this year – despite our Limbo Land Life. For Caleb, we are here to celebrate his 17th year!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

You continue to bless us with your love, your devotion to your family and friends, your kindheartedness, your joy, your enthusiasm, your tenderness, your sensitivity, your wonder, your curiosity, your eagerness, your loyalty, your humor, your gracious spirit, your hugs, and your faithful prayers.

We cannot tell you what this year will bring for you or for any of us. But what we can assure you is that your God is faithful. He will see you through this time and guide your steps forward. Be confident in His love and strengthened by His hope as He helps you grow in maturity, in character, and in faith moment by moment – even during these unplanned and unexpected moments.

We love you, Caleb.

We didn’t know we were going to be here today. However, we are so delighted to be with you and honor you – wherever we are in the world! We pray blessing upon blessing upon your life.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Blessings for Caleb

  1. Happy Happy 17th Birthday Caleb❣️ May you have many many more. May God grant you the Desires of your heart, that you and your family live abundantly❣️ I am SO glad you are here for your 17th birthday, and that you were able to celebrate with your grandparents too❣️

  2. Shirley Hethorn June 10, 2020 — 8:03 pm

    Love to you, Joy Boy!

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