Our 9/11 Tribute – 20 Years Onward

It was supposed to be just another September day.

Nothing unusual.

Nothing special – unless it was a birthday or an anniversary or some other key date in life.

Yet, that all changed – abominably.

What was supposed to be just another autumn day in the northern hemisphere, contorted into a nightmarish day.

A day that ground us all into the finest of dust.

A day that shattered us with a million shards of jagged, marred, bruised, and bleeding questions without answers.

A day that shocked and overwhelmed us.

A day that gushed with tears and fears.

Yes, it was supposed to be just another September day.

But it wasn’t.

And September 11 never would be again.

And, so, here we are – twenty years later.

We still remember.

With commemorations, tributes, remembrances, honorings, reflections, and more being offered this day, we pause to remember the pain and devastating losses of that earth-rocking day in September.

I remember where I was on September 11, 2001.

So, do you – if you were alive that day and were old enough to view the horrific images, hear the deafening sounds, and feel the devastating, life-affecting atrocities inflicted upon fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons.

Because, we felt it, didn’t we?

All the sadness.

All the pain.

All the inhumanity.

All the questions.

All the wondering.

All the fear.

All the evil.

All the agony.

The day of September 11, 2001 was a shared horror and a shared grief.

It still is for those of us who remember.

For those of us who have vowed to never forget.

Our family made that pledge.

As many of our friends are aware, our second son was named in honor of Jason David Cayne – known to family and friends as Jake. Jake Cayne was at work at Cantor Fitzgerald on the morning of September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. A devoted husband to Gina and a loving father to Suzann, Marissa, and Raquel, Jake was doing what responsible husbands and fathers do – he was working to provide for his family’s care and provision.

We didn’t know the Cayne family in 2001. However, John and I determined that we wanted to do something more than just donate money or send cards of condolences to 9/11 families. We chose to invest in one family – to honor and commend the life of one of the victims – and show care to their family and offer some love and kindness.

When our son was born in October of 2001, we chose to name our son, Jake.

And, so, as I said, here we are.

Twenty years later.

Our Jake is alive and well – and growing up into all he is meant to be.

And for the Cayne family, every November, in honor of Jake Cayne’s birthday, we send gifts of remembrance. It may sound crazy, but we like to think that we are sending gifts to his wife and daughters on his behalf. We just think it is important to play a small part in keeping Jake’s memory – real and tangible.

For so many of us, 9/11 is a horrific day. A grievous day. An abominable day.

For the Cayne family, it is a tragic day that changed the trajectory of their lives.

For our family, it is the day we chose to do something more – for as long as it takes – to honor and remember an amazing husband, an incredible father, and a fun-loving, loyal son, brother, and friend in Jason David Cayne.

I imagine you have read many 9/11 tributes and viewed many 9/11 memorials today.

Thank you.

Here’s one more tribute on behalf of a family to be cherished and loved – the Jason David Cayne family.

We love them. We honor them. We stand with them.

They Cayne Family were honored before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game this past week.

Would you say a prayer for the Cayne family today?

I know they would be blessed by your care and kindness.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Our 9/11 Tribute – 20 Years Onward

  1. What an amazing tribute. 💔❤️

  2. What an amazing way to honor this day and the memory of one person and family forever changed.

  3. Heather, i remember so much about what happened 20 years ago on 9/11. You wrote a beautiful tribute to all who were killed and their families. How special for you and your family to connect with that family. Joanne

    1. Thank you, Joanne. May our God be your peace and comfort today and every day. With love, heather

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