Will We Love Like That?

In recent months as I listen, learn, and engage with my home culture again, I feel like I am being pushed, pressured, and prodded into a place where there is little room for love.

Do you feel like that?

That unless we conform to the world in which we live, there may be no place for people to feel loved and accepted? I wrote these words in response to this pondering…

Look Like Me

Look like me

              and then I may accept you.

Speak like me

              and then I may listen to you.

Think like me

              and then I may acknowledge you.

Feel like me

              and then I might trust you.

Act like me

              and then I may accept you.        

Focus your attention like me

              and then I may connect with you.

Believe like me

              and then I may affirm you.

Walk like me

              and then I may accompany you.

Be like me

              and then I may love you.

But is this really the way I am to live and love? And am I doing my own pushing, pressuring, and prodding to force others to speak, behave, and believe like me?

One of the common things that happens to people like me when we return to our home country and culture is that we may become overly critical and judgmental as we compare the ways of life of our adopted country with our home country.

I really don’t want to do that.

And honestly, no country and culture have things completely figured out in this world of depravity. Because that’s just it, the whole world is depraved – and wherever we live we are going to see, hear, and feel that self-centeredness of humanity in some manner.

So, what do we do?

How do we live and love in a world that lives and breathes prejudice, selfishness, and judgment?

This morning I read these words from the First Nations Version:

One of the scroll keepers overheard Creator Sets Free (Jesus) opposing the Upright Ones. When he heard the good answer, he had given, he asked him, “Which instruction in our tribal law stands first?”

“The first and greatest instruction is this,” Creator Sets Free (Jesus) answered, “Hear me, O tribes of Wrestles with Creator (Israel), there is only one Great Spirit and Maker of us all. You must love the Great Spirit with your whole being –with the strength of your arms, the thoughts of your mind, and the courage of your heart.”

“The second instruction is like the first, “he added. “You must love your fellow human beings in the same way you love yourselves. There is no other instruction greater than these.”

First Nations Version, Mark 12:28-31

Love God

Love Others

That’s it.

This is the way we are encouraged to live as followers of Creator Sets Free (Jesus).

With every ounce of our being, with every bit of strength in our arms, with every single thought that enters our minds, and with every portion of our hearts, we are to love our God. And just as importantly, we are to love our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, our acquaintances, and even the strangers all around us with the same kind of love we apportion to ourselves.

Ponder this:

We love others like we love ourselves.

So, what if I change some words in my little refrain…

Look Like You

Look like you

              and I will love you.

Speak like you

              and I will love you.

Think like you

              and I will love you.

Feel like you

              and I will love you.

Act like you

              and I will love you.         

Focus your attention like you

              and I will love you.

Believe like you

              and I will love you.

Walk like you

              and I will love you.

Be like you

              and I will love you.

I can’t make anyone do anything in this world. I don’t have that kind of power. I can’t change someone from thinking this, behaving like that, or saying whatever they want. I don’t have to agree with what someone believes either.

I don’t.

What am I encouraged to do as a follower of Creator Sets Free (Jesus)?



And love some more.

There is plenty of criticism, judgment, ridicule, and hurt flooding our hearts, minds, and souls these days.

Too much, actually – wherever we live in the world.

What if we countered the condemnation and pain with love?

Who is it – in my world – that needs to receive some love, some grace, some mercy, or some encouragement? Who needs me to just sit by their side in silence and support?

Is there someone in your world who needs some love, too?

We can’t just say we’ll love. We must act upon the love we have in Jesus Christ. We must demonstrate the love He has generously given to us to this world, its nations, and its people that need Him more than ever. We must love others no matter how we all think, behave, or believe. Period.

Will we love like that?

Will we love others like we love ourselves?

And what if we did?

2 thoughts on “Will We Love Like That?

  1. Well written Heather! A good word(s) for us/me this morning.

    Thank you.

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