About Me

My name is Heather. My passion in life is to encourage and inspire others to seek out and know Jesus Christ. I believe this heart-sore world needs  a  life-breathing, encouraging word.  I cannot say I have all the answers and know why everything happens as it does. I don’t. I have experienced both success and failure, sweet  joys and deep sorrows, tender love and bitter loss, good health and life-draining cancer,  life-long friendships and the dagger of betrayal. Perhaps, you have too. As a result, I am more determined than ever to live out the mercy and grace of Christ as best I can and share a word of  His hope.

I am the wife of John, the most generous, real and authentic man I know. He loves and cherishes me – just as I am – and for that I am beyond grateful. I am the mother of three incredible young men – Micah, Jake, and Caleb – who teach me the importance of being true to myself and inspire me to seek joy in every moment. I am a missionary in southern Africa – embracing the incredible truth of  God’s infinite love, tender mercy and divine purpose for us all.

There is a verse in Mark which says, “She has done a good work for Me.”  This is my aim as I write this blog – that it is a good, honoring, and hope-filled work – to bless you and to bring honor to my Lord and Savior.

Thank you for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Have a great New Year.
    Norma & Mel Schmidt

    1. Thank you, Mel! Blessings to you!

  2. I just want to say Thank you Lord that you have put Heather in front of my desktop today. I have started reading few words written by her and find out how much inspiring they are. I know you are working through her. Bless Her dear Lord and cleanse her from all her pains and struggles. in Jesus Name I pray. Amen

    1. Thank you, Eva. It is the desire of my heart to encourage others wherever they may be in life. May the Lord bless you with His care and intimate, abiding love. Blessings, heather

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